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UNES FC Barcelona
Leagues 1ª División
Founded 1967
History CE Institut Guttmann
FC Barcelona-Institut Guttmann
FC Barcelona
UNES FC Barcelona
Arena Pavelló Municipal Juan Carlos Navarro
Location Sant Feliu de Llobregat,
Catalonia, Spain
Team colors Blue, Maroon, Yellow
Website unes.cat
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Home jersey
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Team colours
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Away jersey
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Team colours
Active departments of FC Barcelona
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Football (Men's) Football B (Men's) Football U-19 (Men's)
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Football (Women's) Futsal Beach soccer
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Basketball Basketball B Wheelchair basketball
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UNES FC Barcelona is a catalan wheelchair basketball team. It is part of both the FC Barcelona family and the UNES Unió Esportiva.


From 2001 until 2009, the team agreed collaboration terms with Fundació Institut Guttmann. The latter is a hospital in Catalonia that provides treatment and rehabilitation for people with spinal injury, brain damage, and other neurological disabilities. It is named after Dr. Sir Ludwig Guttmann, founder of the Paralympics and a pioneer of wheelchair sports. Club Esportiu Institut Guttmann was founded in 1967 and is the oldest disabled sports club in Spain. As well as a basketball team it also has boccia, hockey, and wheelchair tennis teams, and promotes athletics, weightlifting, archery, and table tennis.

In 2009, UNES Unió Esportiva collaborates with FC Barcelona which manages the main wheelchair basketball squad.[1]

In 2011, the club resigned to its berth in División de Honor, where it competed since 2000.[2]

FC Barcelona-Institut Guttman 2006–07 roster

Season by season[edit]

Season Tier League Pos Copa del Rey
2000–01 1 Div. Honor 10 N/A
2001–02 1 Div. Honor 6 Quarterfinalist
2002–03 1 Div. Honor 7 Quarterfinalist
2003–04 1 Div. Honor 7 Quarterfinalist
2004–05 1 Div. Honor 4 Quarterfinalist
2005–06 1 Div. Honor 6 Quarterfinalist
2006–07 1 Div. Honor 6 4th position
2007–08 1 Div. Honor 4 4th position
2008–09 1 Div. Honor 3 4th position
2009–10 1 Div. Honor 9 N/A
2010–11 1 Div. Honor 9 N/A
2011–12 3 1ª División 1 N/A
2012–13 2 Div. Honor B 5 N/A
2013–14 2 1ª División 2 N/A
2014–15 2 1ª División 4 N/A
2015–16 2 1ª División N/A


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