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FC Barcelona Lassa
Full nameFútbol Club Barcelona Handbol
Founded29 November 1942; 77 years ago (29 November 1942)
ArenaPalau Blaugrana
PresidentJosep Maria Bartomeu
Head coachXavi Pascual
CaptainRaúl Entrerríos
LeagueLiga ASOBAL
Club colours   
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Team colours
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Team colours
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Futbol Club Barcelona Handbol, for sponsorship reasons FC Barcelona Lassa, is a Spanish handball team based in Barcelona, Catalonia. It is a part of the FC Barcelona multi sports club, and was founded on 29 November 1942. The club competes domestically in the Liga ASOBAL and in the European Champions League. It is the most successful handball club in Spain and Europe with a record number of domestic and international titles.


The handball section of Futbol Club Barcelona was founded on 29 November 1942 during the presidency of Enrique Piñeyro. In the beginning handball was played with eleven players per team and did not have a specialized field to play. They used football fields until the late 1950s, when they started to play, as in actual games, with seven players and a covered field.

In the early stages, competitions were dominated by other teams like Atlético de Madrid and Granollers, breaking their domination few times. Things changed radically with the arrival of one of the best coaches in handball history, Valero Rivera. With him, the team became virtually unbeatable in Spain and in Europe, winning a record of 62 trophies under his rule, including 5 consecutive European Cups.

In the summer of 2013, the Barça handball team, conducted by the head coach Xavi Pascual, won the Super Globe trophy, the only trophy that was still missing from the club's trophy cabinet.[1]

FC Barcelona’s handball team closed out the 2013/14 Liga Asobal with a record-breaking winning run. Barça made history this season when they completed their Liga Asobal without dropping any points from all 30 match days.[2]

FC Barcelona successfully defended its IHF Super Globe title in 2014, marking the first time a team has won back-to-back titles since the most prestigious club handball event has been hosted annually in the Qatari capital Doha.[3][4]

Again, FC Barcelona handball team ended the 2014/2015 Liga Asobal season unbeaten for the second consecutive year.[5]

FC Barcelona handball team won the seven titles disputed the 2014/2015 season, something which had not happened since the 1999/2000 season with Valero Rivera's Dream Team.[6]

In 2017 FC Barcelona handball was again champion of the IHF’s Super Globe after beating the German team Füchse Berlin.[7]

In 2018 won again four Super Globe trophy. In a repeat of last year the team of head coach Xavi Pascual won the IHF Super Globe Final against Füchse Berlin, this time by a five-goal difference, 29–24. [8]

Again Barça won IHF Super Globe in 2019. Barça won the third IHF Super Globe 2019 in a row. The team led by Xavi Pascual beat THW Kiel 34:32.[9]


Season by season[edit]

Season Tier Division Pos. Notes
1990–91 1 ASOBAL 1st / 1st Champion
1991–92 1 ASOBAL 1st / 2nd Champion
1992–93 1 ASOBAL 2nd / 3rd
1993–94 1 ASOBAL 1st / 1st / ½
1994–95 1 ASOBAL 2nd
1995–96 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
1996–97 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
1997–98 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
1998–99 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
1999–00 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2000–01 1 ASOBAL 2nd
2001–02 1 ASOBAL 2nd
2002–03 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2003–04 1 ASOBAL 2nd
2004–05 1 ASOBAL 4th
Season Tier Division Pos. Notes
2005–06 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2006–07 1 ASOBAL 4th
2007–08 1 ASOBAL 2nd
2008–09 1 ASOBAL 2nd
2009–10 1 ASOBAL 2nd
2010–11 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2011–12 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2012–13 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2013–14 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2014–15 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2015–16 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2016–17 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2017–18 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2018–19 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion
2019–20 1 ASOBAL 1st Champion

Season by season (B team)[edit]

Season Tier Division Pos. Notes
2001–02 3 1ª Nacional 10th
2002–03 3 1ª Nacional 3rd
2003–04 3 1ª Nacional 1st
2004–05 3 1ª Nacional 2nd
2005–06 3 1ª Nacional 1st
2006–07 3 1ª Nacional 2nd
2007–08 3 1ª Nacional 8th
2008–09 3 1ª Nacional 1st / 1st / 2nd
2009–10 3 1ª Nacional 1st / 1st / 1st Promoted
2010–11 2 Plata 6th
2011–12 2 Plata 1st
2012–13 2 Plata 1st
2013–14 2 Plata 1st
2014–15 2 Plata 3rd
2015–16 2 Plata 5th

European record[edit]

Season Competition Round Club 1st leg 2nd leg Aggregate
2018–19 EHF Champions League Group stage North Macedonia RK Vardar 34–26 30–26 1st place
France Montpellier Handball 35–27 36–28
Hungary Telekom Veszprém 31–28 26–29
Germany Rhein-Neckar Löwen 30–25 34–35
Poland PGE Vive Kielce 31–27 42–36
Belarus Meshkov Brest 41–32 29–21
Sweden IFK Kristianstad 43–26 44–25
Quarterfinals France HBC Nantes 32–25 29–26 61–51
Semifinals North Macedonia RK Vardar 27–29
Third place game Poland PGE Vive Kielce 40–35 3rd place



Staff for the 2020–21 season
  • Head Coach Spain Xavier Pascual
  • Assistant Coach Spain Toni Rubiella
  • Goalkeeping Coach Spain Roger Font
  • Physiotherapist Spain Sebastià Salas
  • Club Doctor Spain Josep A. Gutiérrez

Current squad[edit]

Squad for the 2020–21 season


Transfers for the 2021–22 season

Notable former coaches[edit]

Notable former players[edit]

Stadium information[edit]


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