FC Helsingborg

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FC Helsingborg
FC Helsingborg
Nickname(s) FCH
Founded 1979
Arena Helsingborg Arena
Capacity 4,700
Manager Juha Kivilehto
Captain Kristoffer Fält
Sweden SSL
Championships 0
Home colors
Away colors

FC Helsingborg (Floorball Club Helsingborg), commonly FCH, is a Swedish professional floorball team from Helsingborg. The current club was formed in 2003 by a merging between the floorball section of Högaborgs BK and Ramlösa IBK. In the spring of 2003 the club separated with Högaborg and formed the standalone club FC Helsingborg. The team acquired Högaborgs place in the Elitserien (currently Swedish Super League.)

The team has played a total of 6 playoffs since the first time in the season of 2005/2006, were FCH was eliminated after losing 3:0 in a best-of-5 series against Pixbo Wallenstam IBK. The following season the team was eliminated after losing to Warberg IC with 8-5 in the 5th decisive game of the quarter-final series. After that the team was unable to secure a playoff-spot for the following two season. In 2009/2010, FCH was once again eliminated after losing the series 3:0 against Warberg IC in the quarter-finals. In the 2010/2011 season the team faced IBF Falun, and was eliminated after an overtime penalty-shootout in game 5. FCH did not qualify for playoffs during the 2012/2013 season.

FCH started the 2013/2014 season with a new head coach, Magnus Svensson, but opened the regular season poorly. Decision was made to take in former player Magnus Anderberg as new head coach. He led the team to the playoffs, where they were eliminated after losing 4:0 in games against Pixbo Wallenstam IBK, all of which were overtime losses.

The 2014/2015 season was the most successful in team franchise history. FCH finished 7th place in the table at the end of the regular season, and was picked to face Pixbo Wallenstam IBK in the quarter-finals. FCH won the series 4:2, but lost the semi-finals 4:1 in games against Linköping IBK. It was the first time in franchise history FCH had reached semi-finals, and the bronze was also the first since the introduction of a national floorball series.

On 23 November 2008, football legend Henrik Larsson made his debut for FCH against Jönköpings IK in front of 1 968 spectators. FCH won the game 7-6 after sudden-death. Henrik Larssons unexpected change of clubs caught huge attention in the media. He was noted for 9 games during the 2008/2009 season, scoring 4 assist and 1 goal, an empty-netter against Västerås IB. With that goal Larsson set the new league-record for longest time between goals in the highest league, 19 years between his 6th and 7th career goals. Larsson scored his first points for Viskan HBK during their time in the highest league in the fall of 1989.


Current roster 2016/17[edit]

Nr Name Year of birth Acquired Club of origin Nationality
60 Jonathan Paulsson 1991 2012 Förslövs IF Sweden
70 Oskar Nielsen 1996 2014 Åstorp/Kvidinge IBS Sweden
30 Mattias Qvarfordt 1997 2016 IBK Vöikers Sweden
3 Eric Kihlman 1997 2013 FBC Engelholm Sweden
7 Kristoffer Fält 1989 2008 FC Kristianstad Sweden
8 Juha Kivilehto 1981 2015 Vantaa FT (FIN) Finland
17 Joel von Reis 1997 Own product FC Helsingborg Sweden
19 Victor Richardsson 1997 2011 Höganäs IBK Sweden
21 Adam Wedberg 1999 2015 Billingsfors IBK Sweden
50 Petri Hakonen 1990 2016 FC Vaajakoski Finland
52 Jonathan Skoglösa 1995 Own product FC Helsingborg Sweden
2 Linus Nordgren 1989 2007 IBK Stanstad Sweden
9 Daniel Johnsson 1987 2006 Nykroppa IBK Sweden
10 Robin Holmkvist 1998 Own product FC Helsingborg Sweden
27 Carl Nilsson 1991 2012 Landskrona IBK Sweden
20 Jonathan Nilsson 1995 2011 FC Kristianstad Sweden
24 Nicklas Lidholm 1988 2013 Hofterups IBF Sweden
29 Mika Kohonen 1977 2016 FC Vaajakoski Finland
40 Arvid Friberg 1997 Own product FC Helsingborg Sweden
81 Jami Manninen 1987 2016 Happe Jyvaskyla Finland
89 Hampus Dargren 1989 2015 Hässelby SK IBK Sweden