FC Horsens

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FC Horsens
Full name Football Club Horsens
Founded 31 october 1987
Ground Bankager Stadion,
Chairman Mogens Hansen
Manager Kurt Ross
League Jutland Series (2007)

FC Horsens, founded 31 October 1987 as a merger between Dagnæs IF and B 1940, is a Danish football club, based in southern Horsens. They are currently playing in the Jutland Series, but have also played in both the Denmark Series as well as the Qualification Series. FC Horsens competed in the 2005 and 2006 Danish Cup tournaments.

At youth level, the club is a part of the AC Horsens superstructure. However at senior level, it is an independent club. One of FC Horsens most notably former players is the present AC Horsens goalkeeper Søren Jochumsen.

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