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FC Hoyvík
Full nameFC Hoyvík
Founded12 January 1975
GroundGundadalur's lower field
ChairmanFaroe Islands Fróði Danielsen
ManagerFaroe Islands Sigurð Herulf Sigurðsson[1]
League1. deild
20191st (2. Deild) promotion
Club logo when it was known as Fram Tórshavn.

FC Hoyvík was a Faroese football club, which merged with FF Giza in 2012. The new club was called Giza Hoyvík and later changed its name to FC Hoyvík. This incarnation of FC Hoyvík was previously named ÍF Fram Tórshavn (Tórshavn Forward) and was located in the Hoyvík district, a suburb of the capital Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.


The club was founded on January 12, 1975[2] as IF Fram Tórshavn, and became the third football club in Tórshavn. HB Tórshavn (1904) and B36 Tórshavn (1936) are the first two. The fourth club in Torshavn came in 1997, Argja Bóltfelag from Argir. As the suburb Argir was incorporated in 1997 in the Municipality of Tórshavn. They were founded 1973.

In 1977 Fram Tórshavn played their first season in 1. deild (now named Effodeildin), but only finished seventh in the league and were relegated that season. Fram have never managed to achieve promotion back into the top flight league since. They are the only Faroese football club in history to have played in first league, down to the fourth league. In late 2008, the club changed its name to FC Hoyvík. In 2009, FC Hoyvík played their first season under the new name in the 1.Deild of the FSF (second division), after Fram Torshavn won the 2.Deild in the previous season and were promoted to 1. deild. They ended as 7th of 10 teams with 34 points.[3] They got the same result in 2010 with 33 points. In 2011 was number 9 with 26 points and got relegated to 2. deild. FC Hoyvík also had a team in 2. deild that year, and this team got relegated to 3. deild. After the 2011 season FC Hoyvík and FF Giza (earlier Nólsoyar Ítróttarfelag), which played in the fourth leg (3. deild) decided to join forces and merged into Giza/Hoyvík. In 2012 their team ended as number three in 2. deild with 40 points. TB Tvøroyri II got promoted to 1. deild with 40 points, they had better goal score. B36 Tórshavn II won 2. deild and got promoted together with TB Tvøroyri II.


Last squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Serbia GK Predrag Stanković
2 Faroe Islands DF Jákup Petur Eliassen
3 Faroe Islands DF Jón Samuelsen
4 Faroe Islands DF Tommy Jacobsen
5 Faroe Islands MF Ásbjørn Gunnarsson
6 Faroe Islands MF Janus W. Mortensen
7 Faroe Islands MF Alexander Samuelsen
8 Faroe Islands MF Svenning W. Hansen
10 Faroe Islands FW Sunnleif J. Midjord
11 Faroe Islands MF Bogi á Borg Eyðunsson
12 Faroe Islands MF Eyðun H. Højgaard
14 Denmark MF Jan Mølvad Laursen
No. Position Player
15 Faroe Islands MF Høgni Warberg
17 Faroe Islands DF Ronni Hansen
18 Faroe Islands MF Gisli Sveinbjørnsson
20 Faroe Islands MF Jónar Borg Dahl
Faroe Islands FW Jack Johansen
Faroe Islands DF Jón Brekku
Faroe Islands FW Tony Rasmussen
Faroe Islands MF Jóhannus Mikkelsen
Faroe Islands DF Trygvi Askham
Faroe Islands FW Jákup Lamhauge
Faroe Islands DF Mortan Joensen
Faroe Islands DF Eyðfinn Fjallsbak


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