FC Krasnodar-3

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FC Krasnodar-3
Full nameFootball Club Krasnodar-3
ChairmanSergey Galitsky
ManagerDmitri Kudinov
LeagueRussian Professional Football League,
Zone South

FC Krasnodar-3 (Russian: «Краснодар-3» (Краснодар)) is a Russian football team from Krasnodar. It is the second farm-club for FC Krasnodar, in addition to FC Krasnodar-2.


The club participated in the amateur competitions since its establishment in 2014. After FC Krasnodar-2 was promoted to the Russian Football National League for the 2018–19 season, Krasnodar-3 in turn was licensed for the third-tier Russian Professional Football League.[1]

Current squad[edit]

As of 23 July 2019, according to the PFL website.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Russia GK Denis Adamov
Russia GK Stanislav Agkatsev
Russia GK Valentin Grishin
Russia GK Nikita Kokarev
Russia GK Matvei Safonov
Russia GK Roman Safronov
Russia GK Mikhail Shtepa
Russia GK Sergei Yeshchenko
Russia DF Nikolai Bochko
Russia DF Sergei Borodin
Russia DF Rashid Chichba
Russia DF Nikita Furin
Russia DF Danila Gayvoronsky
Russia DF Leo Goglichidze
Russia DF Oleg Isayenko
Russia DF Dmitri Ivanov
Russia DF Andrei Ivashin
Russia DF Maksim Khramtsov
Russia DF Daniil Kornyushin
Russia DF Vyacheslav Litvinov
Russia DF Bogdan Logachyov
Russia DF Irakli Manelov
Russia DF Ilya Martynov
Russia DF Stepan Nikitin
Russia DF Sergei Novikov
Russia DF Danil Pelikh
Russia DF Dmitri Pivovarov
Russia DF Daniil Punegov
Russia DF Denis Vlasov
Russia MF Levon Bayramyan
Russia MF Aleksandr Chernikov
Russia MF Valeri Fomenko
Russia MF Alan Gioyev
No. Position Player
Russia MF David Kokoyev
Russia MF Mikhail Kolomiytsev
Russia MF Dmitri Kotov
Russia MF Dmitri Kratkov
Russia MF Aleks Matsukatov
Russia MF Sergei Peterson
Russia MF Bogdan Reykhmen
Russia MF Artur Samartsiyev
Russia MF Eduard Spertsyan
Russia MF Daniil Utkin
Russia MF Igor Yurchenko
Russia MF Vyacheslav Yakimov
Russia FW Ruslan Apekov
Russia FW Danil Benedyk
Russia FW Mikhail Bersnev
Russia FW Arutyun Grigoryan
Russia FW Islam-Bek Gubzhokov
Russia FW Ivan Ignatyev
Russia FW Rustam Khalnazarov
Russia FW Stepan Komar
Russia FW Maksim Kutovoy
Russia FW Shamil Mavlyanov
Russia FW Oleg Oznobikhin
Russia FW Ruslan Pidlisnyak
Russia FW Omar Popov
Russia FW Leon Sabua
Russia FW Vladislav Samko
Russia FW Nikita Sergeyev
Russia FW Nikita Shershnyov
Russia FW Roman Simonov
Russia FW Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov
Russia FW Sergei Volkov
Russia FW Ilya Vorotnikov


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