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FC Lviv
Full name Football Club Lviv
Founded 2006
Ground Lofort Arena, Dobromyl, Lviv Oblast
Ground Capacity 3,220
Chairman Ukraine Roman Mykhayliv
Head coach Ukraine Andriy Chikh
League Ukrainian Second League
2016–17 Football Amateur League, 10th, Group 1 (received professional status)

FC Lviv (Ukrainian: ФК «Львів») is a Ukrainian football club from the city of Lviv. It was initially founded in 2006.


The club was founded in May 2006. It entered the Persha Liha as a replacement for the bankrupt club FC Hazovyk-Skala Stryi, which also represented Lviv Oblast.

In its debut season FC Lviv reached 11th place and scored 45 goals. At the start of the next season, in the beginning of September 2007, the club moved to the newly built stadium Kniazha Arena in Dobromyl, west of Sambir. This arena was constructed by and named after Ukrainian insurance company Knyazha, who is the club's main sponsor. The previous home ground of the club was SKA Stadium in Lviv which fell out of favor with the FFU, PFL.

In 2007–08 season FC Lviv finished 2nd in the Persha Liha and were promoted to the Premier Liha for the first time in their history, making the club one of the founders of the newly formed Premier League. In 2008–09 FC Lviv, despite a sensational opening 2–0 win against Shakhtar, were relegated to the Persha Liha. The decisive match for them happened in the last round against another Lviv team Karpaty in the Lviv derby when they lost 2–1. The club's first, and only, season in the Premier League was spent at The Ukraina Stadium together with Karpaty under a lease contract.

In 2009, the city of Lviv lent the former land property of LORTA Plant for rent to FC Lviv. Out of 3.0542 ha FC Lviv receives 2.9 ha in rent until the spring of 2019 and the rest for only five years.[1]

FC Lviv (since 2016)[edit]

In 2016 the professional team of FC Lviv was renewed and its future participation in Druha Liha was announced.[2]


The main sponsor is Knyazha, other sponsors are Dobromyl, Persha (brewery) and the technical sponsor is Lotto.

Football kits and sponsors[edit]

Years[3] Football kit Shirt sponsor
2008–2009 lotto КНЯЖА


Runners Up 2007/08

League and Cup history[edit]

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA P Domestic Cup Europe Notes
Previous Refer to FC Hazovyk-Skala Stryi
2005–06 2nd 6 34 14 10 10 35 33 52 1/8 finals as Hazovyk Skala-Stryi
2006–07 2nd 11 36 13 8 15 45 45 47 1/8 finals [4]
2007–08 2nd 2 38 23 5 10 58 29 74 1/8 finals Promoted
2008–09 1st 15 30 6 8 16 24 39 26 1/8 finals Relegated
2009–10 2nd 4 34 19 6 9 49 22 63 1/32 finals
2010–11 2nd 5 34 17 8 9 52 28 59 1/32 finals
2011–12 2nd 17 34 6 3 25 21 79 21 1/32 finals Withdrew
2017–18 3rd


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