FC Pskov-747

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FC Pskov-747
Full nameFootball Club Pskov-747
GroundLokomotiv Stadium
OwnerYekaterina Sevastyanova (51%) / Pskov Oblast (49%)
ChairmanAlexey Sevastyanov
ManagerIgor Vasilyev
LeagueRussian Professional Football League,
Zone West

FC Pskov-747 (Russian: ФК «Псков-747») is an association football club from Pskov, Russia, founded in 2006. Currently, it plays in the Russian Professional Football League. Represented Pskov in the Russian professional leagues also were FC Mashinostroitel Pskov — named also FC Elektron Pskov (1970), FC Pskov (1998–2000) and FC Pskov-2000 (2001–2005). FC Pskov-747 was known as SC 747 Pskov in 2006 and 2007.

The club is owned by the Sevastyanov family. Alexey Sevastyanov, the club founder is owner of the Avto-Alians-747 group of companies. 747 being a favourite number of his.

Current squad[edit]

As of 28 August 2019, according to the PFL website.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Russia GK Denis Dolgiy
Russia GK Dmitri Mikhalyonok
Russia DF Valeri Kaptilov
Russia DF Igor Kurbanov
Russia DF Stanislav Milka
Russia DF Nikita Nikitenko
Russia DF Aleksandr Savelyev
Russia DF Vladislav Sklyar
Russia DF Kirill Turchin
Russia DF Artyom Vasilyev
Russia DF Vitali Vlasov
Russia DF Vladislav Volkov
Russia DF Arseni Yagodkin
No. Position Player
Russia MF Artyom Alekseyev
Russia MF Valentin Babkov
Russia MF Aleksandr Korenblyum
Russia MF Dmitri Motlakhov
Russia MF Vladislav Orlov
Russia MF Andrei Pochipov
Russia MF Aleksandr Repin
Russia MF Ruslan Surodin
Russia FW Vsevolod Fyodorov
Russia FW Anton Paranin
Russia FW Mikhail Sevastyanov
Russia FW Anton Shishayev

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