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Saturn Ramenskoye
Full name State-Owned Enterprise
of the Moscow Region
Football Club Saturn Moscow Region
Nickname(s) The Aliens, The Humanoids
Founded 1946; 70 years ago (1946)
Ground Saturn Stadium, Ramenskoye
Ground Capacity 16,500
Chairman Yevgeni Kalakutskiy
Manager Sergei Pavlov
League Russian Amateur Football League
2014–15 PFL, Zone West, 7th

FC Saturn Ramenskoye (Russian full name: Государственное учреждение Московской области Футбольный клуб "Сатурн" Московская область) is a Russian football (soccer) club, based in the Moscow suburb of Ramenskoye. It is also known as FC Saturn Moscow Region (FC Saturn Moskovskaya Oblast). The club was founded in 1946. Although the club is based in Ramenskoye, the club represents all Moscow Oblast. Due to huge debts it was dissolved in January 2011, but was recreated on the base of their former farm club FC Saturn-2 Moscow Region. It returned to the professional level in Russian Professional Football League in the 2013-14 season. Before the 2015–16 season, the club didn't receive the professional license and moved back to amateur levels.[1]

Their nickname “Aliens” (Russian инопланетяне) comes from the name 'Saturn'. Also, nicknamed "Extraterrestrials."

It was previously called Krylya Sovetov (1946–1957), Trud (1958–1959) and Saturn-REN TV (February 2002 to January 2004). In 2006 the club beat the record of drawn matches played in the Russian Premier League during one season - 16 times.

League and Cup history[edit]

Russian Premier League Russian First Division Russian Second Division Russian Third Division Russian Second Division

Saturn's reserve squad played professionally as FC Saturn-2 Ramenskoye in the Russian Second Division in 1999 and 2000. A separate farm club called FC Saturn-2 Moscow Oblast plays in the Russian Second Division as of 2009.

History of FCSR supportive movement[edit]

The football club Saturn Ramenskoye (FCSR) supporters movement was born in the second part of the 1980s when the team started playing on the professional level. The organised group of fans at that time consisted of not more than 20 people; however the first trips (Russian: выезда) to Tula, Kaluga, Pskov and other cities were already done by them in 1986.

The new age for FCSR supportive movement is connected with the year 1995. Then the famous supporter Andrey Egorishev (nicknamed "Arsenal") had begun to unite fans of Saturn. It is believed that the team played in black and blue colors because of him. In 1996 Saturn had played in red and white colors. Fans who disliked these colors (because of ideological views) had many discussions – and finally chose black and blue colors. Some time after that the team changed colors too.

The first union of FCSR fans – Dorf Menschen (the bumpkins; the German translates literally as "Village People") – was organised in January 1996. At that moment it consisted from about 15 people, but its size (as the size of FCSR fans in common) has been increasing. Many groups of fans were formed (mainly according to geographical location). Because a large number of these groups became uncontrollable, it was decided to unite them around a Dorf Menschen. The South-East Confederation (Russian: «Юго-Восточная Конфедерация») was formed in this way. It was able to gather about one thousand supporters at the home game. At the moment the main FCSR band is "BBS firm" whose name means "Black Blue Supporters".

After beginning to play in the highest Russian league, the structure of the FCSR supportive movement has been changed a lot. There are some different unions at the moment, both hooligans and ultras, which are united by the 46 km. The main enemies of Saturn fans are fans of FC Lokomotiv Moscow, FC Shinnik Yaroslavl and FC Khimki. There is the friendship between FCSR fans and fans of Torpedo Moscow and Spartak Moscow.

Many FCSR fans' nicknames are connected with the aliens' club name. The black and blue fans themselves mostly use the nickname gumy ("гумы") (short form of Russian "гуманоид" – "humanoid").

Notable players[edit]

Had international caps for their respective countries. Players whose name is listed in bold represented their countries while playing for Saturn.


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