FC Shakhtar Shakhtarsk

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Shakhtar Shakhtarsk
Full name FC Shakhtar Shakhtarsk
Founded 1984
League Ukrainian Amateur League

FC Shakhtar Shakhtarsk is a Ukrainian football club from Shakhtarsk, Ukraine. In 1996 the main squad was transformed to FC Metalurh Donetsk and moved Donetsk. After that the club continued to play at amateur level.


Initially FC Shakhtar Shakhtarsk was created in 1984 at the State Production Association Shakhtarskantratsyt out of local miners' football teams from the Vinnitska Mine and the Postnykivska Mine. Until 1989 it competed at regional competitions and then after changing its name to Prometei it entered the Ukrainian amateur competitions where competed until 1991. In 1992 the club was admitted to the Ukrainian Transitional League (third division) from which it was relegated after the first season. In 1992–93 Prometei even though placing sixth gained a promotion to the Second League after FC Antratsyt Kirovske withdrew from competitions. In 1994 the club changed its name to Medita Shakhtarsk after its main sponsor "Medita" (a local private clinic). In 1995 the club changed its name again to Shakhtar after it was returned under the sponsorship of the Shakhtarskantratsyt.


In 1996 based on the senior squad of Shakhtar there was created new club Metalurh Donetsk which became based in Donetsk. The youth squad of Shakhtar Shakhtarsk joined the youth academy of Shakhtar Donetsk, while other players who were not suited for the club formed new team FC Fortuna Shakhtarsk and until 1999 were playing in a town of Kontarne.

Amateur era[edit]

In 2000 Fortuna competed at the Ukrainian amateur competitions. Next year the club changed its name again to FC Avanhard Shakhtarsk under which it competed until 2011. From 2012 the team competes under the name Ajax.


Naming History[edit]

  • 1984—1989: Shakhtar Shakhtarsk (ukr. «Шахтар» Шахтарськ)
  • 1990—1993: Prometei Shakhtarsk (ukr. «Прометей» Шахтарськ)
  • 1993—1995: Medita Shakhtarsk (ukr. «Медіта» Шахтарськ)
  • 1995—1996: Shakhtar Shakhtarsk (ukr. «Шахтар» Шахтарськ), in its base was created FC Metalurh Donetsk
  • 1997—2001: Fortuna Kontarne (ukr. «Фортуна» Контарне), in 1999 returned to Shakhtarsk
  • 2001—2009: Avanhard Stizhkivske (ukr. «Авангард» Стiжкiвське), in 2009 returned to Shakhtarsk
  • 2011—2012: FC Shakhtarsk (ukr. ФК «Шахтарськ»)
  • 2012—present: Ayaks Shakhtarsk (ukr. «Аякс» Шахтарськ)


  • Both Kontarne and Stizhkivske are part of Shakhtarsk city municipality.

League and cup history[edit]

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA P Domestic Cup Europe Notes
1991 4th 2 30 22 4 4 69 17 48 N/A as Prometei Shakhtarsk
1992 3rd 8 16 8 4 4 27 10 20 N/A Relegated
as Prometei Shakhtarsk
1992–93 3rd "B" 6 34 13 16 5 43 21 42 N/A Promoted
as Prometei Shakhtarsk
1993–94 3rd 8 42 18 6 18 50 41 42 N/A as Medita Shakhtarsk
1994–95 7 42 22 8 12 57 36 74 1/16 finals as Medita Shakhtarsk
1995–96 2 38 24 7 7 53 27 94 Q2 round Promoted (in second half as Metalurh Donetsk)
2000 4th 4 8 2 1 5 13 16 7 N/A Group 8 as Fortuna Shakhtarsk