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FC Shevardeni-1906 Tbilisi is one of the oldest Georgian association football clubs. It was founded in 1906, after a Czech public figure named Jaroslav Svatoš invited several athletics coaches to Georgia at the end of the 19th century and formed a sports society called Sokol (Russian word for Falcon that was later translated to Georgian Shevardeni). The club played its first match on October 23, 1911, against the united team of different sports societies and won the game 1-0. During Soviet times, up until 1986, the club played in regional tournaments and in 1987 was promoted to the Vtoraya Liga (third division) of Soviet championship. In 1990, after the restoration of Georgia's independence, Shevardeni changed its name to Shevardeni 1906 and played in Umaglesi Liga until 1996, having finished as runner-ups in 1992-93 season. later it merged with Universiteti Tbilisi of Pirveli Liga to form TSU Tbilisi. Recently the club was re-established as Shevardeni 1906 and its new representatives have vowed to bring the team back to the top Georgian division. At this moment Shevardeni-1906 play in Georgian league 3, eastern division.

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