FC Steel Trans Ličartovce

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FC Steel Trans Ličartovce
FC Steel Trans Licartovce.gif
Full name Football Club Steel Trans Ličartovce
Founded 1938
Dissolved 2005 (became MFK Košice)
Ground Ličartovce Stadium,
Ground Capacity 2,400
League Last league was Second Division
Final season


FC Steel Trans Ličartovce was a former Slovak football club which was playing in the east-Slovakian village of Ličartovce.

Steel Trans Ličartovce owner Blažej Podolák bought by financial problems worried club 1. FC Košice in 2004 and merged with his Ličartovce as reserve squad.[1] The club was renamed to MFK Košice before Second Division 2005–06 season and moved to the city of Košice on Lokomotíva Stadium, previously home ground of FC Lokomotíva Košice and 1. FC Košice.



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