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For the original Universitatea Craiova football club founded in 1948 and refounded in 2013, see CS Universitatea Craiova.
FC Universitatea Craiova
Logo Universitatea Craiova.png
Full name Fotbal Club Universitatea Craiova
Nickname(s) Studenţii (The Students)
Campioana unei mari iubiri
(The Champion of a Great Love)
Short name FC U Craiova
Founded 1994
Dissolved 2014
Website Club home page

Fotbal Club Universitatea Craiova (Romanian pronunciation: [universiˈtate̯a kraˈjova]; University of Craiova Football Club), commonly known as Universitatea Craiova, was a Romanian professional football club based in Craiova, Dolj County. The club was disaffiliated by the Romanian Football Federation on 14 May 2012, following their temporary exclusion since 20 July 2011, after breaking the regulations by addressing civil justice in a labor dispute with coach Victor Piţurcă.

The club retired from the competition after 22 matches of the 2013–14 Liga II season. FC Universitatea Craiova is not currently a member of the Romanian Football Federation; the court confirmed that the 2012 disafiiliation was legal.

In September 2014, the club has officially gone bankrupt after a decision from a Court.[1]


The football history in the city of Craiova began in the year 1921, when the first teams were founded: Craiovan Craiova and Rovine Griviţa Craiova.

In the year 1940, the two teams from Craiova merged, resulting in one of the most successful Romanian football teams in the Interwar period, FC Craiova, which was also the first team from the city to win the Romanian football championship, in the 1942–43 season. However the title was not officialized by the Romanian Football Federation, because of World War II.

Finally in 1948, Universitatea Craiova took life at the initiative of a group of students and professors, a team which latter would become one of the most popular and successful teams from Romania.

Craiova Maxima[edit]

In the 1982–83 season, the team recorded their most notable continental performance in its history. Under the management of Constantin Oţet and Nicolae Ivan, Universitatea Craiova reached the semifinals of the UEFA Cup, after defeating some of the best known clubs in European football, such as AC Fiorentina (runners-up in Italian Serie A), Girondins Bordeaux (France), and FC Kaiserslautern (Germany). In the first European semi final ever played by a Romanian club, Universitatea encountered Benfica (Portugal), two times European champions and three times European Cup finalists. After two draws, the Portuguese side advanced to the final on away goals.

That generation of players was nicknamed Craiova Maxima and included Ilie Balaci, Rodion Cămătaru, Costică Ştefănescu, Zoltan Crişan, Ion Geolgău, Aurică Beldeanu, Costică Donose, Silviu Lung etc.

Craiova, having won the 1983 Romanian Cup Final, were denied entry to the 1983–84 European Cup Winners' Cup as the Romanian FA scheduled the final for the week after the closing date for entries.

Universitatea Craiova after 1991[edit]

In 1991, Universitatea Craiova won for the last time the Championship and the Romanian Cup, under Sorin Cârţu as coach. In the following years, Craiova became a middle-table team, with rather poor performances. At the end of the 2004–05 season they were relegated to the second football division for the first time in the club's history, returning to the first league after the following season.

Exclusion from FRF[edit]

On 20 July 2011, the club was temporarily excluded by the Romanian Football Federation[2] for failing to withdraw their dispute with former coach Victor Piţurcă from a civil court, as per article 57 of the FRF statute which states that the Football Federation solves all the sports lawsuits.[3] However, the article allows disputes regarding employment contracts to be adjudicated in civil court.[4] The exclusion decision was approved by the FRF General Assembly on 14 May 2012.[5] All of the squad players were declared free agents and signed with other clubs.

An investigation was started by the National Anticorruption Directorate on 22 October 2011, against the heads of the Romanian Professional Football League and of the Football Federation, as well as against the Executive Committee members of the FRF, on charges of official misconduct in the case of the exclusion.[6][7] The Football Federation, the Professional Football League, and members of the Executive Committee reportedly had some of their properties seized by the National Anticorruption Directorate.[8] On 14 May 2012, the Executive Committee validated the temporary exclusion decision taken on 20 July 2011.[9]

Temporary re-affiliation[edit]

On 22 June 2012, the Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled that the exclusion of Universitatea Craiova from FRF was illegal.[10] On 15 November 2012, the Court ruled that the validation decision was also illegal.[9] Although the club was invited to sign up in the Liga II for the 2012–13 season,[11] the owner of the club refused this invitation.[12]

On 2 March 2013, the club announced that it filed a request to rejoin the competitions, starting from the 2013–14 season.[13] It will play in Liga II. Universitatea Craiova officially rejoined the competition on 27 August 2013, when defeated SCM Argeşul Piteşti in the fourth round of the Romanian Cup, qualifying to the fifth round of the competition.

Final disaffiliation[edit]

In April 2014 the High Court of Cassation and Justice confirmed that the Romanian Football Federation "acted in accordance with regulations and statutes in force when members voted to exclude the club".[14]

On 9 June 2016, justice has decided, finally and irrevocably, that CS Universitatea Craiova is the rightful owner of record, brand and logo of Craiova football. CS Universitatea Craiova, club founded in 1948, remains therefore with the record intact, four league titles and six cups of Romania, because since 1994 when FC Universitatea Craiova was founded, team never has won anything.[15]


FC Universitatea Craiova's main rival is FC Dinamo București. This rivalry started in the seventies, when Dinamo denied Universitatea Craiova's first title in 1973. The rivalry was amplified in 2002 and 2005 when Dinamo transferred an important group of players from Craiova.[citation needed]

Other rivalry of Universitatea Craiova is also with FC Steaua București.



Liga I

Romanian Cup

Liga II


Norcia Winter Cup Italy

  • Winners: 2003

European record[edit]

Competition S P W D L GF GA GD
UEFA Champions League / European Cup 4 12 4 2 6 14 17 −3
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup / European Cup Winners' Cup  4 14 6 2 6 26 21 +5
UEFA Europa League / UEFA Cup 13 48 20 9 19 45 45 0
UEFA Intertoto Cup 2 8 4 2 2 15 11 +4
Total 23 82 34 15 33 100 94 +6

Notable former coaches[edit]


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