FFSA Super League

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FFSA Super League
Country Australia
Founded 2005
First season 2006
Folded 2012
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 2
Relegation to FFSA Premier League
Most championships Adelaide City
MetroStars (2 titles each)
Most premierships Adelaide City
MetroStars (3 titles each)

The FFSA Super League was the highest state-level soccer competition in South Australia between 2006 and 2012. Prior to the 2006 season, the highest level competition in South Australia was the SASF Premier League. Due to the manifestation of a new governing body, Football Federation Australia the SASF ceased operations. Nationally, it was one grade lower than the A-League. It was conducted by the Football Federation of South Australia (FFSA), the state's governing body. Each season the bottom two Super League clubs where relegated to the FFSA Premier League. The final champions in 2012 where the Adelaide Blue Eagles.[1]

League disbandment[edit]

In 2012 it was announced that the FFSA Super League would become defunct and that the second tier league named FFSA Premier League would become the top tier of South Australian football. It was decided that the new Premier League would consist of 14 teams. All 10 clubs from the Super League and the 4 top placed sides from the 2012 Premier League table would make up the new competition.

2012 Super League Clubs[edit]

Team Coach Home Ground Location Founded
Adelaide Blue Eagles Vojo Gluscevic Marden Sports Complex Marden 1958
Adelaide City Damian Mori Adelaide City Park Oakden 1946
Adelaide Comets Emir Tarabar Santos Stadium Mile End 1994
Adelaide Raiders Branko Milosevic Croatian Sports Centre Gepps Cross 1952
Campbelltown City Maurice Natale Newton Sportsground Newton 1963
Croydon Kings Mark Brazzale Polonia Reserve Croydon Park 1950
Enfield City Tom Totsikas Rushworth Reserve Blair Athol 1946
MetroStars Rick Cerracchio T.K. Shutter Reserve Klemzig 1994
Western Strikers Frank Tibaldi Carnegie Reserve Royal Park 1998
WT Birkalla Sergio Melta Camden Sports Complex Novar Gardens 1933

Champions and premiers[edit]

Finals Series[edit]

Year Champions Grand Final Score Runner-up
2006 N/A1 N/A N/A
2007 N/A N/A N/A
2008 Adelaide City 2—0 MetroStars
2009 MetroStars 1—0 Adelaide City
2010 Adelaide City 1—0 Adelaide Blue Eagles
2011 Adelaide Blue Eagles 0—0
6–5 (p.s.o)
Adelaide City
2012 MetroStars 1—0 Adelaide City

1Final Series was not introduced until 2008.

League Winners[edit]

Year Minor Premiers Premiers Points Runners-up Points Runner-up
2006 Adelaide City 38 29 Adelaide Galaxy
2007 Adelaide City 45 30 Adelaide Raiders
2008 Adelaide City 37 34 MetroStars
2009 MetroStars 39 37 Campbelltown City
2010 MetroStars 37 32 Para Hills
2011 MetroStars 44 43 Adelaide City
2012 Croydon Kings 39 35 Adelaide Blue Eagles


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