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Category Serif
Classification Humanist
Designer(s) Martin Majoor
Foundry FontFont

FF Scala is an old style, humanist, serif typeface designed by Dutch typeface designer Martin Majoor in 1990 for the Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The FF Scala font family was named for the Teatro alla Scala (1776–78) in Milan, Italy. Like many contemporary Dutch serif faces, FF Scala is not an academic revival of a single historic typeface but shows influences of several historic models. Similarities can be seen with William Addison Dwiggins' 1935 design for the typeface Electra in its clarity of form, and rhythmic, highly calligraphic italics. Eric Gill's 1931 typeface Joanna (released by Monotype Corporation in 1937), with its old style armature but nearly square serifs, is also similar in its nearly mono-weighted stroke width.

FF Scala is a complete typeface family. True small capitals, a wide range of ligatures, lining, and non-lining (old style figures) are available. A companion sans-serif version, FF Scala Sans was released in 1992. In 1997 a decorative variety of capitals titled FF Scala Jewel[1] was released. These show influence of Dutch Baroque decorative capitals. The FF Scala face and its related faces are widely used in publishing. FF Scala used to be the house typeface for the prominent Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad and for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It is also used on the logo of the United States' Department of Homeland Security, which uses the similar Joanna as a corporate font.[2][3]



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