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FHFS - FTP/HTTP File Server
Stable release
2.1.3 / August 28, 2015 (2015-08-28)
Preview release
2.0 beta build 5 / September 22, 2012 (2012-09-22)
Operating systemWindows
TypeHTTP Server, FTP Server
LicenseGNU GPL w/ OpenSSL and PHP Exception

FHFS is a FTP and HTTP Web Server package, transparently based on HFS and FileZilla.[1] FHFS is built to act as an all-in-one user-based file hosting website, good for schools, businesses, etc. whose students/employees need to easily transport files. FHFS is designed specifically for account-based storage, not easily compatible with other uses or using over-top of an original HFS setup. Early development was started in January 2011, beta builds were tested in October 2011, version 1.0 was released on 11/3/2011.[2] FHFS was started to accelerate development on FileSplat.com, as well as showcase the capabilities of HFS macros. FHFS 2.0 was released on 10/28/2012, exactly one year after the first beta of 1.0. FHFS was loosely based on source code from www.filesplat.com at the time, and was created by the same developer.[3] Filesplat no longer uses FHFS. FHFS is written in several different languages, including: HFS Macros, XML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, DOS, PHP, and C#. FHFS is recognized by the developer of HFS. FHFS 2.0.5 contains roughly 9500 somewhat-compressed lines or 412,000 characters of original code.


- These are all in addition to the standard features of HFS.

  • FTP via FileZilla Server, with SSL
  • Account creation system
  • Individual private and shared sections for user files
  • Users can set entire folders to be publicly accessible.
  • Upload without an account
  • Thumbnails generated for pictures uploaded
  • Ability to stream MP3s, alone or in playlists
  • Video streaming with silverlight (2.1.x)
  • Folder size calculation and content counters
  • User preferences, including changing colors
  • Macro-based accounts with ability to sign out
  • Outgoing SMTP Email Integration
  • Page to contact administrators
  • SSL via Stunnel (HTTP and SMTP)
  • Customizable account size limits for admins
  • Refined user interface
  • On-demand file hash calculation (via OpenSSL)
  • One-Click copy URL to clipboard
  • Email files to others within your browser
  • Customizable FTP/HTTP Ports for Admins
  • Integrated Database System
  • New macro-based functions and global variables
  • Full, feature-rich admin interface
  • Forgotten password recovery system
  • Gallery mode for photos uploaded
  • SSL-certificate generator
  • Basic PHP Integration
  • Secure password hashing/salting
  • Centralized CSS for all pages
  • Admin can choose where to store user files
  • Automatic update notifications
  • Embedded resources and base64 images
  • Admin can set a server-wide color default

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