FIA-Certified Gran Turismo Championships

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FIA-Certified Gran Turismo Championships
Tournament information
LocationSpecified locations
Administrator(s)Polyphony Digital
WebsiteOfficial website
Current champion
Germany Mikail Hizal (Nations Cup)
Japan Tomoaki Yamanaka (Manufacturer Series)
France Rayan Derrouiche (Manufacturer Series)
Brazil Igor Fraga (Manufacturer Series)

The FIA-Certified Gran Turismo Championships (also referred to as the FIA GTC) is a series of professional Gran Turismo Sport world championship eSports tournaments, managed directly by Japanese game development studio Polyphony Digital and by France-based international motorsport governing body FIA.[1] The series uses Polyphony Digital's latest racing game Gran Turismo Sport, and the championship contains two series that are held concurrently throughout the year: the Nations Cup (entrants from their respective countries will represent them) and the Manufacturers Series (entrants will race for and represent their chosen manufacturer). The winners of each series are given a TAG Heuer watch, and a glass plaque, and are also honoured at the FIA Prize Giving Ceremony.

All virtual races in the tournament take place in specified locations all around the globe. In addition to the live studio audiences at the specified locations, the tournaments are streamed live in YouTube through several languages. The series is currently sponsored by Toyota, TAG Heuer, and Michelin,[2][3] and the series is provided with clothing by Puma and peripherals by Thrustmaster.

The series has since made an impact in real-world motorsport, serving as a basis for virtual players in terms of possibly starting a career in eSports before jumping into real-world motorsport.[4]


Before the "Online Series" is started, every season begins with a "World Tour" event, containing the top drivers from the season prior. The winner from the World Tour event gains direct access to the "World Final" event.[5]

A phase dubbed as the "Online Series", which is essentially a qualification phase to decide the participants that will race in the live events of the championship tournament, kicks off every season. The Online Series is divided into four stages, with each stage hosting ten rounds.[6] By the end of each stage, another World Tour event is hosted, which includes the top players from that stage instead of the top drivers from the previous season.[6] The top players who are selected after the series must sign an application form in order to be able to participate for the World Tour events, and they must also be over 18.[6][7] The Online Series goes on for five to seven months.[6]

The "Live Events" begin after the Online Series. The Nations Cup category includes the top 90 players (30 per region) with the highest points across all four stages. Three different live events occur, with each live event carrying a specific world region. The top 10 players from those regions enter the "World Final" event, a championship stage to decide the number one player. The Manufacturer Series category includes the top 48 players (three players per region) and 16 manufacturers with the highest points across all four stages. The top players and manufacturers participate in the "World Final" event, to decide the top three players and the number one manufacturer.[8] The winners of their respective series at the "World Final" are crowned either Nations Cup champion or Manufacturer Series champion.

Media coverage[edit]

The FIA GTC races are usually streamed live in YouTube under the official Gran Turismo channel, and is available to watch through several languages. The commentator duos for the livestreams are Jimmy Broadbent and Tom Brooks (English coverage), Rene Buttler and Florian Strauss (German coverage), Donald Reignoux and Fabian Tarakci (French coverage), Emilio Cozzi and Andrea Facchinetti (Italian coverage), Alberto Perez and Lucas Ordóñez (Spanish coverage), and Duarte Félix da Costa and Filipe Albuquerque (Portuguese coverage).[citation needed]

Event winners[edit]

There have been several event winners since the start of the FIA GTC at the "GT World Tour" event at the Nürburgring. Giorgio Mangano was the first Nations Cup event winner, and Philippe Nicolay, Matthew Thomas, and Anthony Duval were the first Manufacturers Series Cup regional event winners.[9][10] Formula Regional driver and former USF2000 driver Igor Fraga became the first ever FIA Certified Nations Cup World Champion, and Kanata Kawakami, Vincent Rigaud, and Tyrell Meadows became the first ever FIA Certified Manufacturer Series World Champions for Lexus at the "World Final" event in Monaco 2018.[11][12][13]

Fraga is the only FIA GTC event winner who has won both the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series championships. He is also the only event winner to have won a championship in both FIA GTC and in real world motorsport.[14]

Season Title Location Date Nations Cup Manufacturer Series Ref
2018 World Tour 2018 - Nürburgring Germany Nürburg 10-13 May Italy Giorgio Mangano Luxembourg Philippe Nicolay
United Kingdom Matthew Thomas
France Anthony Duval
Germany BMW [9][10]
World Tour 2018 - Red Bull Hangar-7 Austria Salzburg 22 September Hungary Benjamin Bader
Hungary Patrik Blazsán
Hungary Adam Tapai
Germany Mikail Hizal
United States Andrew McCabe
Japan Nissan [15]
Nations Cup Asia/Oceania Final 2018 Japan Odaiba 06-07 October Japan Ryota Kokubun Not held [16]
Nations Cup European Final 2018 Spain Madrid 19-20 October Germany Mikail Hizal [17]
Nations Cup Americas Final 2018 United States Las Vegas 31 October Brazil Igor Fraga [18]
World Finals 2018 Monaco Monaco 16-18 November Brazil Igor Fraga Japan Kanata Kawakami
France Vincent Rigaud
United States Tyrell Meadows
Japan Lexus [11][19]
2019 World Tour 2019 - Paris France Paris 16-17 March Chile Nicolas Rubilar Japan Yoshiharu Imai
United Kingdom Thomas Compton-McPherson
United States Christopher Marcell
United Kingdom Aston Martin [20]
World Tour 2019 - Nürburgring Germany Nürburg 21-22 June Brazil Igor Fraga Japan Tomoaki Yamanaka
Netherlands Rick Kevelham
New Zealand Simon Bishop
Japan Toyota [21]
World Tour 2019 - New York United States New York City 24-25 August Brazil Igor Fraga Australia Cody Nikola Latkovski
Costa Rica Bernal Valverde
United States Anthony Felix
Germany Mercedes-Benz [22]
World Tour 2019 - Red Bull Hangar-7 Austria Salzburg 14-15 September Germany Mikail Hizal Australia Cody Nikola Latkovski
France Tom Lartilleux
United States Anthony Felix
Germany Mercedes-Benz [23]
World Tour 2019 - Tokyo Japan Tokyo 26-27 October Japan Ryota Kokubun Chile Angel Inostroza
United States Tristan Bayless
Australia Matt Simmons
Germany Porsche [24]
World Finals 2019 Monaco Monaco 23-24 November Germany Mikail Hizal Japan Tomoaki Yamanaka
France Rayan Derrouiche
Brazil Igor Fraga
Japan Toyota [25][26]
2020 World Tour 2020 - Sydney Australia Sydney 15-16 February Japan Takuma Miyazono Spain Coque López
Chile Nicolas Rubilar
United States Randall Haywood
Germany BMW [27]
World Tour 2020 - Nürburgring Germany Nürburg 22-23 May


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