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FIBA Europe
FIBA Europe.svg
Motto We Are Basketball
Formation 1957
Type Sports Federation
Headquarters Munich, Germany
52 national associations
Official language
Turkey Turgay Demirel [1]

FIBA Europe is a zone within the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) which includes all 52 national European basketball federations.

HQ of FIBA Europe, in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.


National Teams[edit]

Current champions[edit]

Men's Women's U-20 Men's U-20 Women's U-18 Men's U-18 Women's U-16 Men's U-16 Women's
Spain Spain Serbia Serbia Serbia Serbia Spain Spain Greece Greece Spain Spain Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Russia Russia


NOTE: The men's Euroleague and Eurocup are not operated by FIBA Europe, but rather by Euroleague Basketball. Both competitions are sanctioned by FIBA and play under FIBA rules.

Current champions[edit]

Euroleague Eurocup EuroChallenge Euroleague Women Eurocup Women Supercup Women
Spain Real Madrid Russia Khimki France Nanterre Czech Republic USK Prague France ESB Villeneuve-d'Ascq Russia UMMC Ekaterinburg

Defunct club competitions[edit]

National teams[edit]

Elite teams participating in the FIBA EuroBasket[edit]

Teams participating in the FIBA European Championship for Small Countries[edit]

1-Temporarily part of the British basketball structure for the 2012 Summer Olympics. 2-Officially recognised by FIBA as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Teams currently not participating in FIBA Europe-sanctioned tournaments[edit]

Top 15 FIBA Europe teams[edit]

Further information: FIBA World Rankings
Rank Team Points
2  SpainC 715
3  Lithuania 457
5  France 379
6  Serbia 353
7  Russia 305
8  Turkey 281
10  Greece 225
12  Croatia 179
13  Slovenia 163
20  Germany 76
24  Great Britain 68
32  Finland 28
34  Macedonia 27
35  Italy 26
35  Latvia 26

C Current zone champions

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