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FIBA Europe South Conference was a basketball tournament of FIBA Europe Conference South held from 2002 to 2005. It was part of FIBA Europe Cup tournament. In tournament includes teams from Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Slovenia. The tournament takes place in three stages. The first is the group stage and the second playoff, and the third stage is the Final Four.

Final Conference north 2002/2003[edit]

Semi-finals Final
16 Jan. 2003
 Bulgaria Lukoil Academic 99  
 Turkey Türk Telekom 83  
17 Jan. 2003
     Bulgaria Lukoil Academic 81
   Greece Aris 80
16 Jan. 2003
 Greece Aris 86
 Greece Peristeri 84  

Final Conference north 2003/2004[edit]

Semi-finals Final
28 Feb. 2004
 Republic of Macedonia Rabotnički 96  
 Cyprus Keravnos 75  
29 Feb. 2004
     Turkey Tuborg Pilsener 80
   Republic of Macedonia Rabotnički 78
28 Feb. 2004
 Turkey Tuborg Pilsener 84
 Turkey Fenerbahçe 67  

Final Conference north 2004/2005[edit]

Semi-finals Final
16 Feb. 2005
 Turkey Banvit 90  
 Cyprus Keravnos 74  
17 Feb. 2005
     Turkey Banvit 71
   Romania CSU Asesoft Ploiești 68
16 Feb. 2005
 Romania CSU Asesoft Ploiești 71
 Cyprus Apollon Limassol BC 65  

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