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FICCI logo.svg
Motto Industry's Voice for Policy Change
Founded 1927
Founder G D Birla, Purushottam das Thakurdas
Dissolved N/A
Type Chamber of commerce
Focus Policy advocacy
Coordinates 28°37′38″N 77°13′54″E / 28.62722°N 77.23167°E / 28.62722; 77.23167Coordinates: 28°37′38″N 77°13′54″E / 28.62722°N 77.23167°E / 28.62722; 77.23167
Origins N/A
Area served
Products N/A
Services Business promotion, networking, policy reforms
over 250000 companies[1]
Owner N/A
Key people
Harshavardhan Neotia
Pankaj. R. Patel
(Senior Vice President)
Subsidiaries Confederation of Indian Food Trade and Industry
FICCI Arbitration and Conciliation Tribunal
FICCI Alliance for Consumer Care
FICCI Ladies Organisation
FICCI Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence
Confederation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CMSME)
Endowment Unknown
less than 500[2]
Website ficci.com
Formerly called

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is an association of business organizations in India. Established in 1927, on the advice of Mahatma Gandhi by GD Birla and Purushottam Das Thakurdas, it is the largest, oldest and the apex business organisation in India.[1] It is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation. FICCI draws its membership from the corporate sector, both private and public, including SMEs and MNCs. The chamber has an indirect membership of over 2,50,000 companies from various regional chambers of commerce. It is involved in sector specific business policy consensus building, and business promotion and networking. It is headquartered in the national capital New Delhi and has presence in 12 states in India and 8 countries across the world.[3]

Office Bearers[edit]

Harshavardhan Neotia is the President of FICCI.[4][5] Pankaj Patel is the Senior Vice President, FICCI.[6] Rashesh Shah is the Vice President.[7][8] Shah started Edelweiss, a diversified financial services conglomerate. Jyotsna Suri, the Chairperson & Managing Director of Bharat Hotels that runs the luxury hotels chain The LaLiT Hotels, Palaces and Resorts is the Immediate Past President[9]. Alwyn Didar Singh is the Secretary General, FICCI.[10] Singh is a retired civil servant who until recently served as the Secretary to Government of India in the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. Arbind Prasad is the Director General, FICCI.[11]

Harshavardhan Neotia President, FICCI
Pankaj R Patel Senior Vice President of FICCI


ATA Carnet[edit]

FICCI is India's sole national issuing & guaranteeing association for ATA Carnets[12] ATA Carnets are used by TV / Film crews, journalists, engineers, musicians and industry for temporary moving equipment across borders. FICCI issues and endorses carnets, guarantees the payment of duties and taxes to customs (both domestic and foreign) authorities[13]

Allied Organisations[edit]

Confederation of Indian Food Trade and Industry[edit]

Confederation of Indian Food Trade and Industry (CIFTI) caters to Indian food Industry. It deals with policies, trade affairs and capacity building.[14] CIFTI provides institutional support and partners with the Government and the Indian private sector in promotion and development of Indian food processing industry. CIFTI was established by FICCI in 1985 [15]

Arbitration and Conciliation Tribunal[edit]

FICCI Arbitration and Conciliation Tribunal (FACT) provides arbitration services for settling commercial disputes. FACT was established in 1952[16] and aims at settling business disputes outside the traditional framework offered by courts of law through arbitration and conciliation, as the case may be.[17]

Alliance for Consumer Care[edit]

FICCI Alliance for Consumer Care (FACC) is a dedicated centre set up by FICCI along with Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India to enhance consumer care practices and facilitate stakeholder interaction.[18] It facilitates prompt redressal of consumer grievances, a dialogue between the business and consumers and promotion of responsible business practices.[19]

Ladies Organisation[edit]

FICCI Ladies Organisation was established in 1983 to promote entrepreneurship and professional excellence among women in India.[20]

Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence[edit]

Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence is a joint initiative of FICCI and the Aditya Birla Group. The center aims at development of inclusive and holistic CSR practices.[21] This center also organizes the Businessworld FICCI CSR Award, an annual award aimed at identifying & recognizing remarkable CSR initiatives.[22]

Confederation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CMSME)[edit]

Confederation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises is an affiliate body of FICCI. It was established in December 2013.[23] It aims to connect MSMEs with mentors, incubators & accelerators and assist them through capacity building programs & services; deliberate of policy concerns of the sector; and provide regular interface between Industry, Government and regulators.[24] In terms of the scope of work CMSME is similar to FICCI with the only differentiation being the exclusive focus on Micro, Small and Media enterprises in India.[25]


FICCI Committee Against Smuggling and Counterfeiting Activities Destroying Economy (CASCADE) was launched on 18 January 2011 and aims to run consumer sensitization drives on the impact of using smuggled, contraband and counterfeit products across India.[26][27] The body is also engaged in capacity building of law enforcement agencies and research. It has estimated an annual tax loss to government of India due to smuggling and counterfeits at Rs 26,190 crore.[28]


Millennium Alliance[edit]

FICCI's Millennium alliance aims at supporting and scaling-up low-cost, innovative solutions.[29] It is a joint initiative of FICCI, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and the United States Agency for International Development.[30] It was launched during July 2012 as an inclusive platform for social impact funds, venture capitalists, corporate foundations, early investors, and donors to support and scale innovative solutions for base of the pyramid populations in India and around the world.[31]

Invest India[edit]

Invest India is a public-private partnership between Government and FICCI. A joint venture between FICCI (51% equity), Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (India) (34%) and State Governments of India (0.5% equity each),[32] Invest India was given a clearance by the Indian cabinet during September 2009 to set up under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956.[33] The initiative aims at speedy implementation of foreign investment projects in India and improving the climate for domestic investments.[34]

Technology Commercialization[edit]

DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme[edit]

India Innovation Growth Programme is a joint initiative by the Department of Science and Technology (India), Lockheed Martin Corporation, Indo-US Science & Technology Forum, IC² Institute at the University of Texas, Stanford Graduate School of Business and FICCI. The program aims at accelerating innovative Indian technologies into the global markets.[35] This program was launched in March 2007 by Lockheed Martin, FICCI, and the University of Texas, IC² Institute. Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum partnered November 2008 onwards[36] The program is open to Indian nationals who have developed innovative technologies across a variety of sectors. The program received 819 applications in 2012[37]

DRDO–FICCI Accelerated Technology Assessment and Commercialization (ATAC) Programme[edit]

DRDO and FICCI started the ATAC programme in February 2009 with an objective to create commercial linkages for DRDO technologies for use in civilian products and services.[38][39] The Explosives Detector Kit developed by DRDO is being commercialized under this initiative.[40] Bio-toilets based upon the bio-digester technology developed by DRDO is another such technology being commercialized under the program.[41] It is projected that DRDO will install 18000 bio toilets across India in cooperation with various states, Union Territories, FICCI and Ganga Action Plan. Besides, over 10000 bio-digesters are being installed in passenger coaches of the Indian Rail.[42]

Notable alumni[edit]

Some prominent business leaders from India that led FICCI as President include Krishna Kumar Birla (1974–75)[43] Hari Shankar Singhania (1979–80)[44] R. P. Goenka (1986–87)[45] Chirayu Amin (2000–01)[46] A C Muthiah (2002–03)[47] Habil Khorakiwala (2006–07)[48] Rajeev Chandrasekhar (2007–08)[49] Rajan Mittal (2009–10)[50]

Amit Mitra, noted economist and the current Finance Minister of the Indian state of West Bengal was Secretary General, FICCI during 1994–2011.[51] Dr Rajiv Kumar replaced him during 2011.[52] He relinquished his position on October 23, 2012[53] making way for Dr A Didar Singh, who took charge in November 2012.

Naina Lal Kidwai is the Past President, FICCI.[54] She the first Indian woman to graduate from Harvard Business School.[55] and currently is the Group General Manager and Country Head of HSBC India.

Naina Lal Kidwai was the President of FICCI in 2013
Amit Mitra was Secretary General FICCI during 1994–2011

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