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Developer(s) Electronic Arts, EA Spearhead
Series FIFA
Engine FIFA 11 (2012-2015)
Impact Engine: FIFA 13 (2015-)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release December 18, 2012
Genre(s) Sports Game, Association Football Simulation
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
CPU Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4Ghz
Sound Direct X 9.0
Display GeForce 8800 GT

FIFA Online 3 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online football game which was announced on 13 August 2012 and entered the 1st closed beta on 20 September 2012 to 23 September of that same year in South Korea.

The game is currently available in other regions, including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Players from other locations can join these regions’ servers to play the game, although latency may be an issue.


FIFA Online 3 was originally developed for PC multi-player by Electronic Arts Seoul Studio based on the FIFA 11 engine. It has been launched through licensing agreements in South Korea (published by Nexon), Thailand (published by Garena), Indonesia (published by Garena), Vietnam (published by Garena), Singapore and Malaysia (published by Garena), China (published by Tencent).

Each version’s interface and commentaries have been localised into the local language.

As of December 2013, the game is using the 2012 player roster, although an update is in place (scheduled for Q1 2014) for the 2013 winter season.

First English Version

The Singapore and Malaysia version of FIFA Online 3 is the game's first available English version and is published by Garena Online. It entered closed beta on 10 October 2013, and has been in open beta since 25 October 2013. The game is accessible through the Garena Plus platform by changing the platform’s region setting to Singapore/Malaysia.

On 23 January, the Singapore/Malaysia edition was upgraded. New features was the Roster update, Locker room and Cup mode, In this upgrade, the Transfer market was reset, causing many gamers to find that their players have been changed.[1] Roster Update is a Player update from FIFA 14 players to FIFA 15 players.


In FIFA Online 3, players can choose to play and customize a team from any of over 30 leagues and 15,000 real world players. Players can either play single-player through a season, or play against other online players. Playing matches earns EP, which is the in-game currency used to buy players and items.

FIFA Online 3’s gameplay was similar to FIFA 11 in the beginning, but has switched to Impact engine which is similar to FIFA 13 since 2015. The game added support for multiplayer online play. Players can play custom matches of up to 3 players a side. An online transfer market to buy or sell players, a club system and a premium (cash) item shop are also available.

FIFA Online 3 features several game modes that are similar to the ones that were in FIFA Online 2. League Mode has not been significantly changed, while the online modes have been slightly edited. Players can now play friendly games against players of similar skill (Quick 1vs1) or random players (VS Random), and can also play against their friends (VS Custom). Players also have the option to play as the manager by controlling the team’s tactics and formation (VS Manager).

The FIFA Online 2 World Tour has been upgraded to a ranking system (Ranking Mode), where every player starts out with 1500 points and can play against players who have a similar amount of points. Winning a match is rewarded with 10 points, with more points added/deducted on to each consecutive win/loss and the difference in the number of goals scored/conceded in each match. Rewards are given out at the end of every in-game season to all players based on their points.

FIFA Online 3 is playable using a keyboard using a certain keys to play and arrows on the keyboard or a gamepad.


FIFA Online 3 has various features consisting of item,common mode, and extra mode (season mode). For example, in FIFA Online 3, there is a feature of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil mode. It is a simulation of the World Cup, around 32 teams joining, in Brazil. For common mode, there are team mode, leagues mode, etc. Various features display the real and similar things as in playing real football.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil[edit]

On 19 May, the "World Cup Mode" was announced to be released on 27 May 2014. A Roster Update was also announced too.[2] On 27 May, the servers was upgraded. New features was introduced. It was World Cup Mode, BIG Update and New Rank Rewards.[3] On 16 September 2014, it was announced that the World Cup mode will be removed on 23 September 2014, from a new patch.[4]

  • World Cup Mode

A new mode was introduced, based on 2014 FIFA World Cup. It contains 3 modes - LIVE, Vs Com FIFA World Cup, and Vs User 16 Tournaments. During the matches, Fame Points are gained to earn prizes and items.

  • BIG Update

Player database was updated.[5]

  • New Rank Rewards

New RanksRewards was updated[6]

Leagues Mode[edit]

Leagues mode the default mode in Fifa Online 3. Players can create own team “My Team, My Dream”, get their players to level up and earn money to purchase new items. This mode features items and quests

Leagues mode of FIFA Online 3 has 5 levels;
1.Amateur (very easy)
2.Semi-professional (easy) 
3.Professional (Medium) 
4.World Class (hard) 
5.Legendary (very difficult)
Players can skip levels


Team Mode[edit]

Team mode in FIFA Online 3 is the main element of the game where players can build a team to compete in leagues, level up football players, earn money, and take part in various multiplayer modes such as friendly mode (A friendly match with a friend) and Ranking Mode (ranking tournament).

Ranked Mode[edit]

Players compete each other to get the highest rank. At the end of each season, players will receive rewards from their ranks.

There are 4 ranked mode genre: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 and the Coach game. esa

Manager Mode[edit]

Manager Mode is what computer play automatically instead.

Cup Mode[edit]

A new cup mode will be released in a new patch on 23 September. The new Cup modes will be World Tour, VS Regional National Team and Club Challenge Cup.


Bae Sung-Jae and Park Moon-Sung are FIFA Online 3's Korean commentators. They are SBS's Association football commentators.

The English version of the game features the voice of Martin Tyler and Andy Gray as commentators.

He Wei, who used the fake identity of Andy Gray in the game, and Huang Jianxiang commentated for the Chinese version. Their commentation was later replaced by Wang Tao and Zhan Jun's edition.

In Vietnam, Hoàng Long and Quang Tùng are FO3's Vietnamese commentators.


FIFA Online 3 is viewed as the next-generation sequel of the dated FIFA Online 2, which shut down its servers on 31 March 2013 (Neowiz Games) and 5 November 2013 (IAHGames).

In Korea, FIFA Online 3 is currently the most popular sports game and the 3rd ranked game in PC bangs.

In Thailand and Vietnam, FIFA Online 3 tournaments are held regularly with hundreds of spectators..


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