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FIFA Online
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts, Neowiz
First releaseEA Sports FIFA Online
May 25, 2006

FIFA Online is a series of online sports games developed by Electronic Arts (EA). Based on EA's FIFA series of games, it is released with a free-to-play model with a focus on the Asian video game market. The first entry in the series was released in May 2006.

EA Sports FIFA Online (2006)[edit]

EA Sports FIFA Online, developed as a partnership between EA and Neowiz, was released in an open beta on May 25, 2006.[1] By June, the game had 100,000 concurrent players.[2]

EA Sports FIFA Online 2 (2007)[edit]

EA Sports FIFA Online 2, developed by EA and Neowiz, was released in Asia on October 1, 2007.[3]

FIFA Online (2010)[edit]

A Western version of FIFA Online 2, titled FIFA Online, was developed by EA's EA Singapore and EA Canada studios.

FIFA Online 3 (2012)[edit]

A partnership between EA and Neowiz for a third FIFA Online game in South Korea was announced in July 2012, with the game set to be released by Neowiz later that year.[4] Tencent published the game in China in 2013.[5]

FIFA Online 4 (2018)[edit]

FIFA Online 4 entered its open beta phase on May 17, 2018, and was set to be released later that year.[6]


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