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The FIFA Order of Merit is the highest honour awarded by FIFA. The award is presented at the annual FIFA congress. It is normally awarded to people who are considered to have made a significant contribution to association football.

At FIFA's centennial congress they made one award for every decade of their existence. These awards were also handed out to fans, organisations, clubs, and one to African Football. These were referred to as the FIFA Centennial Order of Merit.

The winner doesn't have to be directly involved with football to receive it. One such notable non-footballing personality was Nelson Mandela who won it for bringing South Africa back to international football.


Football associations[edit]

Recipient Year
Asociación Uruguaya de Fútbol 2004 (Centennial Award)
African Football 2004 (Centennial Award)
International Football Association Board 2004 (Centennial Award)


Recipient Year Nationality Notes
Franz Beckenbauer 1984, 2004  Germany Centennial Award in 2004
Bobby Charlton 1984  England
Pele 1984, 2004  Brazil Centennial Award in 2004
Stanley Rous 1984  England
Dino Zoff 1984  Italy
Lev Yashin 1988  Soviet Union[1]
Antonio Carbajal 1992  Mexico
Stanley Matthews 1992  England
Francisco Varallo 1994  Argentina
Alfredo Di Stefano 1994  Argentina/ Spain
Eusébio 1994  Portugal
Just Fontaine 1994  France
Zico 1996  Brazil
Bobby Moore 1996  England
Salif Keita 1996  Mali
Michelle Akers 1998  United States
Larbi Benbarek 1998  Morocco
Gilmar 1998  Brazil
Gerd Müller 1998  Germany
Fernand Sastre 1998  France
Pradip Kumar Banerjee 2004  India Centennial Award in 2004
Lee Ramoon 2004  Cayman Islands
Johnny Warren 2004  Australia
Paolo Maldini 2008  Italy
Bobby Robson 2009  England
Johan Cruijff 2010  Netherlands
Steve Sumner 2010  New Zealand Centennial Award in 2004

Football referees[edit]

Recipient Year Nationality
Farouk Bouzo 1996  Syria
Javier Arriaga Muñiz 1996  Mexico

Football officials[edit]

Recipient Year Nationality
Chen Chengda 1994  China
Sir Arthur George 1994  Australia
Maurice Burlaz 1996  France
Guillermo Cañedo 1998  Mexico
Henry Fok 1998  Hong Kong/ China
Julio Grondona 1998  Argentina
Vyacheslav Koloskov 1998  Russia
Bert Millichip 1998  England
Karl Heinz Weigang 1998  Germany
Santiago Bernabéu 2002  Spain
João Havelange 2004  Brazil (Centennial Award)
Jules Rimet 2004  France (Centennial Award)
Kazimierz Górski 2006  Poland posthumously
Nodar Akhalkatsi 2008  Georgia
Lisle Austin 2010  Barbados
Junji Ogura 2010  Japan
György Szepesi 2012  Hungary

Other individuals[edit]

Recipient Year Nationality
Henry Kissinger 1996  United States
Nelson Mandela 1998  South Africa
Fernando G. Álvarez 2005  United States
Sein Hlaing 2004  Myanmar


Recipient Year Nationality
Real Madrid 2004  Spain (Centennial Award)
Sheffield F.C. 2004  England (Centennial Award)


Recipient Year Nationality Corporation
Douglas Ivester 1996  United States Coca-Cola
Adidas 2004  Germany N/A (Centennial Award)
Coca-Cola 2004  United States N/A (Centennial Award)
Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive 2004  France N/A (Centennial Award)


Recipient Year
Fans of Japan 2004 (Centennial Award)
Fans of Korea 2004 (Centennial Award)
Television 2004 (Centennial Award)
The City of Sheffield 2004 (Centennial Award)


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