FIFA World Football Museum

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FIFA World Football Museum
FIFA World Football Museum logo.svg
Established28 February 2016 (2016-02-28)
LocationZürich, Switzerland
Coordinates47°21′49″N 8°31′54″E / 47.363509°N 8.531749°E / 47.363509; 8.531749Coordinates: 47°21′49″N 8°31′54″E / 47.363509°N 8.531749°E / 47.363509; 8.531749
TypeSports museum
DirectorMarco Fazzone
Public transit accessZürich Enge railway station

The FIFA World Football Museum is an association football museum owned and operated by FIFA. The museum is located in Zürich, Switzerland, across town from the FIFA headquarters. It opened on 28 February 2016.

Exhibits and amenities[edit]

The 3,500 m2 (38,000 sq ft) museum occupies the lower three floors of the renovated Haus zur Enge, a ten-story mixed-use building located in the Enge quarter across from the Zürich Enge railway station and the FIFA-owned Hotel Ascot. The building also contains a sports bar, a bistro, a café, a library, a museum shop and conference rooms; the upper floors have office spaces and 34 luxury apartments.[1][2][3]

The museum shows over 1,000 objects. Exhibits include memorabilia from every FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women's World Cup, the most famous one being the original FIFA World Cup Trophy. The exhibition features various interactive and multimedia installations such as the biggest pinball machine ever made and an audiovisual media installation called Visions of Football using 8 meter LED screens. In 2017, the museum has been nominated for the German Design Award.[4]

Every year the museum participates in Zürich's Long Night of Museums.[5]


Plans for a museum dedicated to the history of world football to be located in Zürich were proposed by FIFA president Sepp Blatter and the FIFA Executive Committee in 2012.[6] In April 2013, FIFA signed a 40-year lease with Swiss Life for the Haus zur Enge, which would be dismantled and rebuilt to house the museum; an earlier proposal would have had a museum on the grounds of the FIFA headquarters.[7] The City of Zürich Building Authority approved planning permission for the museum in November 2013.[8]

Construction on the renovated Haus zur Enge began in 2014 and was completed in December 2015.[9]

The 30 million Fr. ($30 million USD) museum opened on 28 February 2016, during a ceremony presided by the newly elected president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino.[10][11]


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