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Filmg logo.gif
Founded 1998
Founder John Askew
Distributor(s) Barsuk(US)
Genre Rock/ Experimental rock/ Indie pop
Country of origin US
Location Portland, Oregon
Official website

FILMguerrero is an independent record label based in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 1998 by John Askew as a way to release Ames, the debut album by Askew's studio project Tracker. Since then, the label (also known as "Film G"[1], or simply "Fg"[2]) has gone on to release CDs, LPs and EPs by a number of different artists [3]. Askew describes the label as "a collective" or, " artist-run label, to make sure that the bands get a fair deal and a good representation of what their overall vision is"[4].

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