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The FINA Synchronised Swimming World Cup is an international, synchronized swimming event organized by FINA and currently held every 4 years. It is a top-level international 'synchro' competition.[1] It was first held in 1979, and 2010 saw its twelfth edition.[2]

The event features competition in four different synchro events (Solo, Duet, Team and Free Combination), and allows each entered nation to have 1 entrant per event. The winner of the event is determined by adding a nations points from the four events. (Note: Free Combination was added to the event beginning in 2006.)

As of 2012, Canada, Japan and the USA are the only nations to have swum at all editions of the Cup.[3]


Edition Year Events Location Dates Nations Best Nation
1st 1979 S, D, T Tokyo, Japan 8 United States
2nd 1985 S, D, T Indianapolis, USA 3 Canada
3rd 1987 S, D, T Cairo, Egypt 10 United States
4th 1989 S, D, T Paris, France September 7-9 10 United States
5th 1991 S, D, T Bonn, West Germany September 12-15 10 United States
6th 1993 S, D, T Lausanne, Switzerland July 7-10 11 United States
7th 1995 S, D, T Atlanta, USA August 1-5 9 United States
8th 1997 S, D, T Guangdong, China July 16-19 13 Russia
9th 1999 S, D, T Seoul, South Korea September 8-12 12 Russia
10th 2002 S, D, T Zurich, Switzerland September 12-15 12 Russia
11th 2006 S, D, T, FC Yokohama, Japan September 14-17 29 Russia
12th 2010 S, D, T, FC Changshu, China September 16-19 23 China
13th 2014 D, T, FC, TH Quebec, Canada October 2–5 17 China

Event codes: S= Solo, D= Duet, T= Team, FC= Free Combination, TH= Team Highlights


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