FIP World Heavyweight Championship

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FIP World Heavyweight Championship
A Hispanic wrestler wearing ring attire: a black graphic shirt with black graphic shorts, taped hands and fingers, and black elbow pads
Homicide was the first FIP World Heavyweight Champion, when it was the FIP Heavyweight Championship
Promotion Full Impact Pro (FIP)
Date established September 25, 2004[2]
Current champion(s) Fred Yehi
Date won May 27, 2016[1]
Other name(s)
FIP Heavyweight Championship

The FIP World Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship owned by the Full Impact Pro (FIP) promotion. It is currently the highest ranked championship in FIP. The title was introduced on September 25, 2004 at FIP's "Emergence: Part Two" event as the FIP Heavyweight Championship.[2] It was renamed the FIP World Heavyweight Championship on March 3, 2007, when then-champion Roderick Strong defeated Pac in Liverpool, England at the Ring of Honor (ROH) promotion's "Fifth Year Festival: Liverpool" event.[3] Overall, there have been eighteen reigns shared among thirteen wrestlers. Title changes happen mostly at FIP-promoted events, which are usually released on DVD. The title has changed hands four times at non-FIP events. Reigns two and four occurred at ROH-promoted events, while reigns 10 and 11 happened at Dragon Gate events.

The inaugural champion was Homicide, who defeated CM Punk in the finals of a two-night tournament that concluded on September 25, 2004 at FIP's "Emergence: Part Two" event.[2] Davey Richards, Erick Stevens, and Roderick Strong are tied for the record of most reigns, with two each. At 476 days, Homicide's only reign is the longest in the title's history. Strong, with a combined two reigns, holds the record for most days as champion at 569. Masaaki Mochizuki's only reign holds the record for shortest reign at 49 days. Strong made 26 successful defences during his first reign, the most in a single reign; Strong's two reigns of successful defenses totals to 31, the most of any champion. With zero, Mochizuki's only reign, Richards's second reign and Strong's third reign are tied for the least successful defenses. Fred Yehi is the current champion, after defeating Caleb Konley on May 27, 2016, to win the title.[1]

Since being renamed as a "World Championship" after a UK defense in March 2007, the title has been defended internationally multiple times. Not only has the championship been successfully defended in Japan, China, Canada, Mexico[4][5][6][7] but the title has also changed hands in both Japan and China.[8]

Title history[edit]

# Order in reign history
Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
Event The event in which the title was won
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
+ Indicates the current reign is changing daily


Name Duration
FIP Heavyweight Championship September 25, 2004 – March 3, 2007
FIP World Heavyweight Championship March 3, 2007 – present


# Wrestler Reign Date Days held Location Event Notes Ref.
1 Homicide 1 September 25, 2004 476 Tampa, Florida Emergence: Part Two Homicide defeated CM Punk in a tournament final to become the first champion. [2]
2 Bryan Danielson 1 January 14, 2006 300 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ROH Hell Freezes Over This was a 3-Way Dance also involving Roderick Strong. [9][10][11]
3 Roderick Strong 1 November 10, 2006 415 Inverness, Florida All or Nothing The title was renamed the "FIP World Heavyweight Championship" on March 3, 2007, when Strong defeated Pac in Liverpool, England at ROH's Fifth Year Festival: Liverpool event. [3][10][11]
4 Erick Stevens 1 December 30, 2007 48 New York City, New York ROH Final Battle 2007 [10]
5 Roderick Strong 2 February 16, 2008 154 Crystal River, Florida Redefined [12][13]
6 Erick Stevens 2 July 19, 2008 35 Crystal River, Florida Hot Summer Nights 2008
7 Go Shiozaki 1 August 23, 2008 119 Crystal River, Florida Heatstroke 2008
8 Tyler Black 1 December 20, 2008 133 Crystal River, Florida Unstoppable 2008
9 Davey Richards 1 May 2, 2009 218 Crystal River, Florida Unfinished Business 2009 Richards was awarded the championship by forfeit after Black suffered a neck injury the previous night in Berwyn, Illinois and was forced to relinquish the title.
10 Masaaki Mochizuki 1 December 6, 2009 49 Sapporo, Japan Dragon Gate Live event
11 Davey Richards 2 January 23, 2010 58 Chicago, Illinois DGUSA Fearless [14]
Vacated March 22, 2010 N/A N/A The championship was vacated by the FIP Championship Committee due to "an unforeseen contractual situation" with Richards. [15]
12 Jon Moxley 1 April 17, 2010 360 Crystal River, Florida Southern Stampede Moxley defeated Roderick Strong to win the vacant championship.
Vacated April 12, 2011 N/A N/A The championship was vacated by the FIP Championship Committee due to Moxley signing with WWE.
13 Jon Davis 1 February 1, 2013 189 Tampa, Florida Everything Burns Davis defeated AR Fox to win the vacant title. [16]
14 Trent Baretta 1 August 9, 2013 462 Tampa, Florida Heatstroke [17]
15 Rich Swann 1 November 14, 2014 98 Emeishan City, China WWNLive in China – Day 3 [18]
Vacated February 20, 2015 Tampa, Florida Ascension 2015 The championship was vacated due to Swann being sidelined with an injury. [19]
16 Roderick Strong 3 February 20, 2015 57 Tampa, Florida Ascension 2015 Strong defeated Trent Baretta in a No Disqualification match to win the vacant title. [19]
17 Rich Swann 2 April 18, 2015 76 Orlando, Florida Establish Dominance 2015 [20]
18 Caleb Konley 1 July 3, 2015 329 Tampa, Florida Declaration of Independence 2015 [21]
19 Fred Yehi 1 May 27, 2016 335+ Orlando, Florida Accelerate 2016 [1]

List of combined reigns[edit]

As of April 27, 2017

Symbol Meaning
Indicates the current champion(s)
Rank[N 1] Wrestler # of reigns Combined days
1 Roderick Strong 3 626
2 Homicide 1 476
3 Trent Baretta 1 462
4 Jon Moxley 1 360
5 Fred Yehi 1 335+
6 Caleb Konley 1 329
7 Bryan Danielson 1 300
8 Davey Richards 2 276
9 Jon Davis 1 189
10 Rich Swann 2 174
11 Tyler Black 1 133
12 Go Shiozaki 1 119
13 Erick Stevens 2 83
14 Masaaki Mochizuki 1 49


  1. ^ Each wrestler's total number of days as champion are ranked highest to lowest; wrestlers with the same number mean that they are tied for that certain rank.


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