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Type Solid State Laser
Place of origin United States
Production history
Manufacturer Northrop Grumman
Unit cost ?
Weight 400 lb (181 kg)
Length 23"
Width 12"
Height 40"

The FIRESTRIKE (also known as JHPSSL) laser,[1] introduced by Northrop Grumman on November 13, 2008, is purportedly the first combat-ready solid-state laser weapon. FIRESTRIKE is a 15 kW modular laser "building block" which can be combined with other systems for specific missions, or 7 more FIRESTRIKEs for a single 100 kW laser.[2] Bundled with Northrop Grumman's own LCSA power supply, the FIRESTRIKE can fire continuously as long as power and cooling are maintained.


Type Description
Power 15 kW Laser
Beam Quality Nominally 1.5 times the diffraction limit
Size Laser head - 12" x 23"x 40" (width, depth, height) Current source - 9" x 13" x 30"
Runtime Continuous, as long as power and coolant are provided
Power-on Time Zero to full power in less than 1/2 second
Safety Remote operation, customer interlock access, internal safety sensors
Control Common Command and Control (C2) systems and Ethernet interfaces
Low Power Setting Provides nominally 100 watt alignment beam
Weight 400 lbs per LRU
Ruggedization Hardened LRUs with compact SSL technology engineered for mobility and field operations


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