FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1934

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FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1934
Host citySollefteå
Opening ceremony20 February 1934 (1934-02-20)
Closing ceremony25 February 1934 (1934-02-25)
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The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1934 took place on February 20–25, 1934 in Sollefteå, Sweden.

Men's cross country[edit]

18 km[edit]

February 22, 1934

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Sulo Nurmela (FIN) 1:04:29
Silver  Veli Saarinen (FIN) 1:05:35
Bronze  Martti Lappalainen (FIN) 1:06:08

50 km[edit]

February 24, 1934

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Elis Wiklund (SWE) 4:06:43
Silver  Nils-Joel Englund (SWE) 4:07:41
Bronze  Olli Remes (FIN) 4:08:05

4 × 10 km relay[edit]

February 25, 1934

Medal Team Time
Gold  Finland (Sulo Nurmela, Klaes Karppinen, Martti Lappalainen, Veli Saarinen) 2:40:28
Silver  Germany (Walter Motz, Josef Schreiner, Willy Bogner, Herbert Leupold) 2:51:23
Bronze  Sweden (Allan Karlsson, Lars Theodor Jonsson, Nils-Joel Englund, Arthur Häggblad) 2:53:07

Germany's silver was the first for the nation at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. While battling for the silver medal, Sweden's Arthur Häggblad and Norway's Oddbjørn Hagen got off course during their final leg and lost about 10 minutes. They were both passed by Germany, and Häggblad beat Hagen at the finish line for the bronze medal.

Men's Nordic combined[edit]


February 20, 1934

Medal Athlete Points
Gold  Oddbjørn Hagen (NOR) 441.90
Silver  Sverre Kolterud (NOR) 427.50
Bronze  Hans Vinjarengen (NOR) 416.70

Men's ski jumping[edit]

Individual large hill[edit]

February 20, 1934

Medal Athlete Points
Gold  Kristian Johansson (NOR) 228.5
Silver  Arne Hovde (NOR) 225.0
Bronze  Sven Eriksson (SWE) 223.1

Medal table[edit]

1 Norway (NOR)2215
2 Finland (FIN)2125
3 Sweden (SWE)1124
4 Germany (GER)0101
Totals (4 nations)55515


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