FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1958

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FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1958
FIS Nordic WSC 1958 poster.jpg
Official poster for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1958. (in Finnish)
Host cityLahti
Opening ceremony1 March 1958 (1958-03-01)
Closing ceremony9 March 1958 (1958-03-09)
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The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1958 took place March 2-9 (cross-country skiing only) and March 2-3 (nordic combined, and cross-country skiing (30km), March 2, 1958 in Lahti, Finland. This marked the third time the city hosted this event having done so in 1926 and 1938. Germany returned to the FIS Nordic Ski Championships for the first time officially since 1939, albeit as East Germany and West Germany. Additionally, it was the first championships to electronic timekeeping where results were timed to the tenth of a second rather than the full second.

Men's cross-country[edit]

15 km[edit]

March 4, 1958

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Veikko Hakulinen (FIN) 48:58.3
Silver  Pavel Kolchin (URS) 49:11.8
Bronze  Anatoly Shelyukhin (URS) 49:29.4

30 km[edit]

March 2, 1958

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Kalevi Hämäläinen (FIN) 1:40:03.0
Silver  Pavel Kolchin (URS) 1:40:15.2
Bronze  Sixten Jernberg (SWE) 1:40:44.4

50 km[edit]

March 8, 1958

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Sixten Jernberg (SWE) 2:56:21.9
Silver  Veikko Hakulinen (FIN) 2:57:39.7
Bronze  Arvo Viitanen (FIN) 2:58:49.5

4 x 10 km relay[edit]

March 8, 1958

Medal Team Time
Gold  Sweden (Sixten Jernberg, Lennart Larsson, Sture Grahn, Per-Erik Larsson) 2:18:15.0
Silver  Soviet Union (Fyodor Terentyev, Nikolay Anikin, Anatoly Shelyukhin, Pavel Kolchin) 2:18:44.4
Bronze  Finland (Kalevi Hämäläinen, Arto Tiainen, Arvo Viitanen, Veikko Hakulinen) 2:19:23.2

Women's cross-country[edit]

10 km[edit]

March 5, 1958

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Alevtina Kolchina (URS) 44:49.0
Silver  Lyubov Kozyreva (URS) 45:28.2
Bronze  Siiri Rantanen (FIN) 46:02.8

3 x 5 km relay[edit]

March 7, 1958

Medal Team Time
Gold  Soviet Union (Radya Yeroshina, Alevtina Kolchina, Lyubov Kozyreva) 58:32.4
Silver  Finland (Toini Mikkola-Pöysti, Pirkko Korkee, Siiri Rantanen) 1:00:14.0
Bronze  Sweden (Märta Nordberg, Irma Johansson, Sonja Edström) 1:01:58.5

Men's Nordic combined[edit]


March 2-3, 1958

Medal Athlete Points
Gold  Paavo Korhonen (FIN)
Silver  Sverre Stenersen (NOR)
Bronze  Gunder Gundersen (NOR)

Men's ski jumping[edit]

Individual large hill[edit]

March 9, 1958

Medal Athlete Points
Gold  Juhani Kärkinen (FIN)
Silver  Ensio Hyytiä (FIN)
Bronze  Helmut Recknagel (GDR)

Medal table[edit]

1 Finland (FIN)43310
2 Soviet Union (URS)2417
3 Sweden (SWE)2024
4 Norway (NOR)0112
5 East Germany (GDR)0011
Totals (5 nations)88824


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