FIS Snowboarding World Championships 1997

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The FIS Snowboarding World Championships 1997 took place between January 21st and January 26th in Innichen, Italy.


Men's Results[edit]

Snowboard Cross[1][edit]

Medal Name Nation
1st Helmut Pramstaller  Austria
2nd Klaus Stammer  Austria
3rd Jakob Bergstedt  Sweden

Giant Slalom[2][edit]

Medal Name Nation
1st Thomas Prugger  Italy
2nd Mike Jacoby  United States
3rd Ian Price  United States

Parallel Slalom[3][edit]

Medal Name Nation
1st Mike Jacoby  United States
2nd Elmar Messner  Italy
3rd Bernd Kroschewski  Germany


Medal Name Nation
1st Bernd Kroschewski  Germany
2nd Dieter Moherndl  Germany
3rd Anton Pogue  United States


Medal Name Nation
1st Fabien Rohrer   Switzerland
2nd Markus Hurme  Finland
3rd Roger Hjelmstadstuen  Norway

Women's Events[edit]

Snowboard Cross[6][edit]

Medal Name Nation
1st Karine Ruby  France
2nd Manuela Riegler  Austria
3rd Maria Kirchgasser-Pichler  Austria

Giant Slalom[7][edit]

Medal Name Nation
1st Sondra Van Ert  United States
2nd Karine Ruby  France
3rd Margherita Parini  Italy

Parallel Slalom[8][edit]

Medal Name Nation
1st Dagmar Mair Unter Der Eggen  Italy
2nd Karine Ruby  France
3rd Marie Birkl  Sweden


Medal Name Nation
1st Heidi Renoth  Germany
2nd Dagmar Mair Unter Der Eggen  Italy
3rd Dorothée Fournier  France


Medal Name Nation
1st Anita Schwaller   Switzerland
2nd Christel Thoresen  Norway
3rd Sabine Wehr-Hasler  Germany

Medal table[edit]

Place Country Med 1.png Med 2.png Med 3.png Total
1  Italy 2 2 1 5
1  United States 2 1 2 5
1  Germany 2 1 2 5
4  Austria 1 2 1 4
4  France 1 2 1 4
6   Switzerland 2 0 0 2
6  Norway 0 1 1 2
6  Sweden 0 0 2 2
9  Finland 0 1 0 1