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Division One
Founded 2012
Country Kenya Kenya
Confederation CAF
Divisions Zone A (Eastern)
Zone B (Western)
Number of teams 24 (Zone A)
24 (Zone B)
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to National Super League
Relegation to Regional Leagues
Domestic cup(s) President's Cup
Current champions Zone A
Zone B
Kakamega Homeboyz
Most championships Zone A
Zone B
Kakamega Homeboyz
(1 title each)
Current season

FKF Division One is the third tier in the Kenyan football league system. It has a promotion and relegation system with the Kenyan National Super League and the Kenyan Provincial League. It is controlled by the Football Kenya Federation. Most member clubs are semi-professional, while others are either fully professional or amateur.


The league was formed after the Kenyan Nationwide League was divided into two 16-team zones in 2008. In 2009 the two zones were later restructured to form "Nationwide League Division One" and "Nationwide League Division Two", representing the second and third divisions of Kenyan football.[1] Division One was later renamed the FKL Nationwide League after former governing body Football Kenya Limited, while Division Two was renamed the KFF Nationwide League after former governing body, the Kenya Football Federation. The two leagues were merged after the 2011 season, and the consequent league was divided into Zone A and Zone B, with teams from the Eastern and Western halves Kenya respectively. Due to a lack of enough teams from Zone B, a number of teams were promoted from the provincial leagues in the Western half.

For the 2013 season, all Division One teams endorsed a decision to split both Zone A and Zone B into two groups of 12 teams each, increasing the total number of teams in the league to 48. It was decided that the first group from Zone A comprise teams from the Nairobi, Aberdares and Mount Kenya regions while the second group comprise teams from the Eastern, North and South Coast regions. The first group from Zone B is to comprise teams from the South Nyanza, Central and South Rift regions while the second group comprise teams from the North Nyanza, North Rift and Western regions. Winners from each of these four groups will play the winners from the other group in their zone in a two-legged play-off tie to determine who gains promotion to the Kenyan Premier League for the following season.[2][3][4]

From the beginning of the 2014 season, FKF Division One was taken down to the third tier of the Kenyan football league system to give way to the Kenyan National Super League, now putting it above the Kenyan Provincial League, in line with the introduction of a new six-tier system by the Football Kenya Federation to take effect at the beginning of that season.[5]


There are 24 clubs in each of the two divisions of the FKF Division One. These two divisions are further divided into two groups of 12 teams each. During the course of a season each club plays the others twice (a double round-robin system), once at their home ground and once at that of their opponents. Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. No points are awarded for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points, then goal difference, and then goals scored. At the end of each season, the winners of each of the 4 groups play the winners of the other group in their zone in a two-legged play-off tie to determine who advances to the Premier League, in place of the last two teams from the Premier League, who are then placed in their respective zones depending on their locations of origin. Promoted teams from the Provincial League are also placed in their respective zones depending on their locations of origin.

If points are equal, the goal difference and then goals scored determine the winner. If still equal, teams are deemed to occupy the same position. If there is a tie for the championship, for relegation, or for qualification to other competitions, a play-off match at a neutral venue decides rank.


Zone A[edit]

Zone A teams are based in Nairobi, Central, Eastern, North Eastern and Coast, representing the Eastern half of Kenya.

Position in 2012
Number of D1 titles
Last D1 title
Administration Police 0055th 0 0000n/a
Admiral 0033rd 0 0000n/a
Bidco United 0022nd 0 0000n/a
Coast United 01212th 0 0000n/a
Congo JMJ United 01111th 0 0000n/a
Green Berets 01313th 0 0000n/a
Jericho AllStars 0161st in Nairobi 0 0000n/a
Kambakia Christian Centre 0171st in Eastern 0 0000n/a
Kariobangi Sharks 0077th 0 0000n/a
Kenya Revenue Authority 01010th 0 0000n/a
Kibera Celtic 01414th 0 0000n/a
Ligi Ndogo 0066th 0 0000n/a
Magongo Rangers 01515th 0 0000n/a
Mahakama 0044th 0 0000n/a
Malindi 0181st in North Coast 0 0000n/a
Maweni City 0191st in South Coast 0 0000n/a
MOYAS 0099th 0 0000n/a
Nairobi Stima 0088th 0 0000n/a
Nyeri Stima 0201st in Central 0 0000n/a
Rangers 00116th in KPL 0 0000n/a

Zone B[edit]

Zone B teams are based in Rift Valley, Western and Nyanza, representing the Western half of Kenya.

Position in 2012
Number of D1 titles
Last D1 title
Agrochemical 0033rd 0 0000n/a
Comply 01616th 0 0000n/a
Finlays Horticulture 0055th 0 0000n/a
G.F.C. 105 01010th 0 0000n/a
Kisumu Municipal 01212th 0 0000n/a
Kolongolo 0171st in Western 0 0000n/a
Longonot Horticulture 0099th 0 0000n/a
Mumcop 0202nd in Western 0 0000n/a
Nakuru AllStars 0044th 0 0000n/a
Nzoia United 0022nd 0 0000n/a
Oserian 00115th in KPL 0 0000n/a
Raiders 0181st in Nyanza 0 0000n/a
Rush 01111th 0 0000n/a
Shabana Kisii 01414th 0 0000n/a
SOIN Fluorspar 0077th 0 0000n/a
St. Joseph 0191st in Rift Valley 0 0000n/a
Timsales 01313th 0 0000n/a
Utawala 01515th 0 0000n/a
West Kenya Sugar 0066th 0 0000n/a
Zoo Kericho 0088th 0 0000n/a

Previous winners[edit]

Zone A[edit]

Zone B[edit]

Top scorers in recent seasons[edit]

Year Zone A Zone B
Player Club Goals Player Club Goals
2012 Liberia Roosevelt Blaty Admiral
Kenya Valen Semi Mahero Nzoia United
2013 Kenya Nelson Simwa West Kenya Sugar
Kenya Musa Ochieng Busia United Stars
Kenya Martin Oliech Oserian


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