FK Jedinstvo Mali Zvornik

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FK Jedinstvo
FK Jedinstvo MZV
Full name FK Jedinstvo Mali Zvornik
Nickname(s) Plavi(The Blues)
Drinski labudovi (The Drina swans)
Founded 1967
Ground FK Jedinstvo Stadium
Ground Capacity 500
League Inter-municipal league Jadar
6th Serbian tier

FK Jedinstvo is a Serbian football club based in Mali Zvornik, Serbia.



The football club Jedinstvo Mali Zvornik was formed on 2 July 1967, 12 years after Mali Zvornik municipality foundation. The club had several predececors with lack of significant success, but in the end foundators united under the name of Jedinstvo (english translation Unity or United). Ethnic structure of the town in club foundation days was specific and based on different nationalities. Choosing exactly this name probably went on that basis.


The most successful period was time between 1980 and 1990, when Jedinstvo participated in 4th tier (Druga Srpska Liga) of Yugoslavian football system. During this time the Blues played many friendly games with big and respectable clubs such as FK Partizan and FK Crvena zvezda. After 90's club reached a few more times the same level of competition (Posavska Zona), only in smaller state. The most valuable trophies in club history are two Podrinje district regional cups, and the most famous player who wore Jedinstvo's kit is Milinko Pantić. He went in middle 80's, to Partizan Belgrade in direct transfer.

Recent days and club relationships[edit]

In current times team competes in lower divisions, as a jo-jo club, between 5th and 6th tier. Ambitions mainly depend on financial structure made by local municipality management, which is poor in general. Jedinstvo has close and strong connection with nearby club FK Drina Zvornik across the Drina river. There are many players who played for both sides in some parts of their careers. Also there is a slight rivalry against local opponents FK Drina Ljubovija and FK Rađevac. Every summer a pre-season friendly tournament named Čika Aćo i Nenad is held on the Jedinstvo's pitch.

Youth school[edit]

The club is mostly known by the work with youngsters. Many of players who reached respectable level of football in highest national leagues started playing in Jedinstvo. Some of them in recent years, are Nemanja Stevanović, Edin Rustemović, Slaviša Radović and Filip Erić. Every year the most talented young players sign for the clubs with the best youth facilities, such as FK Partizan, FK Crvena zvezda, FK Rad, FK Vojvodina and OFK Beograd. The club yearly organizes youth tournament with most important regional teams participating.

Last decade season results[edit]

Season Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA P League name Notes
2008-09 5th tier - - - - - - - - Mačvanska okružna liga
2009-10 5th tier - - - - - - - - Mačvanska okružna liga
2010-11 5th tier relegated14 28 7 5 16 34 51 26 Mačvanska okružna liga Relegated
2011-12 6th tier 5 30 14 4 12 71 57 46 Međuopštinska liga Jadar
2012-13 6th tier promoted 2 30 14 10 6 61 38 52 Međuopštinska liga Jadar Promoted
2013-14 5th tier 8 30 13 4 13 56 57 43 Mačvanska okružna liga
2014-15 5th tier relegated 16 30 8 5 17 39 60 29 Mačvanska okružna liga Relegated
2015-16 6th tier 2 30 22 4 4 96 32 70 Međuopštinska liga Jadar
2016-17 6th tier 3 30 17 7 6 77 34 58 Međuopštinska liga Jadar

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