FK Sloga Jugomagnat

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FK Sloga Jugomagnat
FK Sloga Jugomagnat.gif
Full name Fudbalski Klub Sloga Jugomagnat
Nickname(s) Pëllumbat (Гулаби, Pigeons)
Founded 1927
Dissolved 2009
Ground Čair Stadium
Ground Capacity 6,000
Final season

2nd (Promoted to First League)

FK Sloga Jugomagnat (Macedonian: ФК Слога Југомагнат) was a football club that played in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.


Zafer's era (1927–1945)[edit]

The club was established in 1927 under the name FK Zafer by the football enthusiasts coming from Skopje’s neighborhood Čair. Like other clubs from Skopje at that time, Zafer also played friendly matches with other clubs from the city.

Shortly after, Zafer begun competing in the Skopje League (city league), and then in the regional league of the Skoplje Football Subassociation, a league made of the best clubs coming from the Southern part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, SCS. The club from its beginning was the place where players from different ethnicities could gather, mostly Albanian and Turkish players, but not limited to. There were also numerous Bosnian, Roma and Macedonian players which played in the club.

Sloga's era (1945–1989)[edit]

At the end of WWII, the newly established Yugoslav communist regime, against the will of the local citizens and fans, with a decree changed the name of the club to Sloga (which in Macedonian language means Unity). In that time the club was financed by local citizens and people (fans) gathered money to pay for players and staff salaries. Club in that time played in regional Macedonian First League, ranked as a 4th league in the Yugoslav league system. The policy of the ex-state didn’t allow the club to make a promotion in higher rank, because there were other clubs in that time that were privileged by the government.[citation needed] All the good players that were raised in the club in that time were taken by the regime’s “bigger” clubs. The team always had a big army of fans who followed it, no matter if they played home or away.

Sloga Jugomagnat's era (1989–2009)[edit]

In 1989, major improvement in all levels occurred with the arrival of Rafet Muminović and his company, “Jugomagnat” as sponsors of the club. At that time Sloga played in the Macedonian Second League (ranked as a 5th league in Yugoslavia). That year club changed its name to Sloga Jugomagnat and was promoted to higher level with plan to further promote to the Third Federal League in the following season. However, that year SFR Yugoslavia broke-up and Macedonia became an independent country. Sloga Jugomagnat along with 17 other best teams from Macedonia was directly promoted to the Macedonian First League, finishing in 6th place in its inaugural season. In second season they achieved 8th place and the following season the club made it to 3rd place.

Later, Sloga achieved few runners up positions and won the championship three times. By 2015, Sloga is still the club holding the record of playing the most Macedonian Cup finals, eight in total, having it won in 3 occasions. By 2015, Sloga is the second most successful club in the country with 3 championships and 3 cup titles with keeping a record win in all time Cup finals, against Pobeda Prilep with result of 6:0. During the 1990s Sloga was very popular in whole country. In 1996, after winning the first cup, more than 1,000 youngsters from Skopje and other cities were registered in the youth school. Many of them later played in different clubs and also in other countries.

In 2005, after financial problems of the main sponsor, the club was relegated to the Second League where stayed four years and in the season 2008–09, with the help of its fans, achieved again promotion to the First League. But next season, Sloga Jugomagnat together with Makedonija Gjorče Petrov started boycotting all competitions organized by the Football Federation of Macedonia as a protest because of the re-election of the president Haralampie Hadži-Risteski. Both teams didn't appear on the matches in the rounds 14 and 15 and according to the regulations by FFM, they have been suspended and expelled from competing in the Macedonian First League. In the beginning, Vardar Skopje, Pelister Bitola, Rabotnički Skopje, Metalurg Skopje, Sileks Kratovo,were also active in this boycott, however later they stopped it, and continued to play except Sloga Jugomagnat and Makedonija Gjorče Petrov.

In 2012, the club was merged with FC Albarsa to form FK Shkupi. However, they are not legally considered to be successors to the original Sloga Jugomagnat and the two clubs' track records and honours are kept separate by the Football Federation of Macedonia.


Republic of Macedonia Macedonian First League:

Republic of Macedonia Macedonian Second League:

Republic of Macedonia Macedonian Football Cup:


Season League Cup Other Competitions
Division P W D L F A Pts Pos
1992–93 1. MFL 34 13 8 13 46 37 34 6th
1993–94 1. MFL 30 7 13 10 29 30 27 8th
1994–95 1. MFL 30 17 7 6 43 26 58 3rd
1995–96 1. MFL 28 18 4 6 48 19 58 2nd W
1996–97 1. MFL 26 13 7 6 42 25 46 3rd RU Cup Winners' Cup QR
1997–98 1. MFL 25 12 7 6 25 16 43 2nd RU Cup Winners' Cup QR
1998–99 1. MFL 26 19 3 4 41 12 60 1st RU UEFA Cup QR1
1999–00 1. MFL 26 18 7 1 55 13 61 1st W Champions League QR2
2000–01 1. MFL 26 20 3 3 61 15 63 1st RU Champions League QR1
2001–02 1. MFL 20 6 5 9 18 25 23 5th SF Champions League QR2
2002–03 1. MFL 33 15 6 12 62 50 51 5th RU
2003–04 1. MFL 33 17 6 10 69 36 57 5th W
2004–05 1. MFL 33 5 2 16 37 80 17 11th ↓ QF UEFA Cup QR1
2005–06 2. MFL 30 11 7 12 35 39 40 5th R1
2006–07 2. MFL 33 12 7 14 48 46 43 6th PR
2007–08 2. MFL 32 13 5 14 36 34 44 8th PR
2008–09 2. MFL 29 17 8 4 31 12 59 2nd ↑ R1
2009–10 1. MFL FFM expelled Sloga Jugomagnat from the league R1


1st 2nd
Champions Runners-up Promoted Relegated

Sloga in Europe[edit]

Season Competition Round Opponent Home Away Aggregate
1996–97 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup QR Hungary Honvéd 0–1 0–1 0–2 Symbol delete vote.svg
1997–98 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup QR Croatia Zagreb 1–2 0–2 1–4 Symbol delete vote.svg
1998–99 UEFA Cup QR1 Romania Oțelul Galați 1–1 0–3 0–1 Symbol delete vote.svg
1999–00 UEFA Champions League QR1 Azerbaijan Kapaz 1–0 1–2 2–2 (a) Symbol keep vote.svg
QR2 Denmark Brøndby 0–1 0–1 0–2 Symbol delete vote.svg
2000–01 UEFA Champions League QR1 Republic of Ireland Shelbourne 0–1 1–1 1–2 Symbol delete vote.svg
2001–02 UEFA Champions League QR1 Lithuania FBK Kaunas 0–0 1–1 1–1 (a) Symbol keep vote.svg
QR2 Romania Steaua București 1–2 0–3 1–5 Symbol delete vote.svg
2004–05 UEFA Cup Q1 Cyprus Omonia 1–4 0–4 1–8 Symbol delete vote.svg

Notable former coaches[edit]


Ekrem Maglajlija Dame Stojanovski

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