FK Zabjelo

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FK Zabjelo
Full nameFudbalski klub Zabjelo
Nickname(s)Republikanci (Republicans)
GroundZabjelo Stadium
ManagerMilo Ražnatović
LeagueThird League
2016-17Third League

Fudbalski klub Zabjelo (English: Football Club Zabjelo) is a Montenegrin football club based in Zabjelo, a suburb of Podgorica. They currently compete in Montenegrin Third League.


Period 1963-1999[edit]

The team was founded on 1963 as FK Tara Titograd,[1] named after one of the most powerful Yugoslav transport companies at that time. During their first seasons, Tara played in Fourth League - Central region (lowest rank in SFR Yugoslavia). First significant success, the team made on season 1966-67, by winning the champion title in Fourth League - Central, which gained them first-ever promotion to Montenegrin Republic League (Third rank).[2]
After only two seasons in Republic League, FK Tara made another historical success. On season 1968-69, after the hard struggle against FK Rudar and FK Arsenal, Tara finished as a first-placed team, which gained them promotion to Yugoslav Second League. With that result, FK Tara became the third team from Podgorica which played in Yugoslav top two divisions, after FK Budućnost and FK Mladost.
On their debut in Yugoslav Second League (season 1969-70), FK Tara played against some of well-known national sides, like FK Budućnost, FK Sutjeska or NK GOŠK. After 30 weeks, with 21 points won, Tara finished as a 16th placed team,[3] which meant relegation to Republic League.
On summer 1970, the club was renamed to FK Zabjelo and all the time until the last years of century spent in third or fourth rank of domestic competitions.

Period 1999-[edit]

FK Zabjelo finished season 1999-2000 as a runner-up in Montenegrin Republic League. So, together with the champion-side FK Iskra, they were promoted to Yugoslav Second League.[4]
On their first comeback to Second League after 30 years (season 2000-01), Zabjelo finished as 7th placed team.[5] sNext season, again, FK Zabjelo finished in the middle of the table, and season was remembered by big games against most popular Montenegrin side FK Budućnost.[6] FK Zabjelo played three matches against Budućnost, with historical victory on last-week game (1:0). Previously, game of 8th week between Zabjelo and Budućnost (1:1) was attended by 3,000 spectators, which was the highest attendance in history of Zabjelo Stadium. Finishing as a last-placed team, with only 14 points earned, FK Zabjelo was relegated from Second League on season 2002-03.
After Montenegrin independence, FK Zabjelo became a member of Montenegrin Second League inaugural season.
Greatest result in that competition, with the best performance in team's history, FK Zabjelo made on season 2012-13, finishing on third place. That gained them first-ever participation in playoffs for Montenegrin First League, where they met former national champion FK Mogren. As Zabjelo Stadium didn't meet highest national criteria, first game was played on Camp FSCG stadium, on 6 June 2013. In front of 2,000 spectators, FK Zabjelo was defeated with score 1-6,[7] and FK Mogren won the second game in Budva, too (3-1).
Only two seasons after unsuccessful performance in the First League playoffs, FK Zabjelo was relegated from the Second League (2014–15). Today, they are a members of Third Montenegrin League.

Honours and achievements[edit]

Current squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Montenegro GK Pavle Kusovac
Montenegro DF Filip Šundić
Montenegro DF Miloš Vukčević
Montenegro DF Nemanja Konatar
Montenegro DF Vladan Mijović
Montenegro DF Nikola Perović
Montenegro DF Edin Nikočević
Montenegro FW Jovan Prenkic
No. Position Player
Montenegro MF Stefan Jovanović
Montenegro MF Milorad Milić
Montenegro MF Miloš Papić
Montenegro MF Miloš Pavićević
Montenegro FW Jovan Vučković
Montenegro FW Velimir Kaluđerović
Serbia MF Nikola Jovanović
Montenegro FW Igor Bukilic


FK Zabjelo is among lowest-division teams from Podgorica with the strong supporters' base. Supporters' group named Zabjelo Republika (Republic of Zabjelo) was founded on 1991.[8] As an urban-subculture group, active as an organiser of local actions, TV shows, cultural or ecological events, they are active on FK Zabjelo games since the beginning of nineties.[9] Often recognized as a protagonists of incidents on lower-league games, Zabjelo Republica members are attending FK Zabjelo games wherever they play.


FK Zabjelo plays their home games at Zabjelo Stadium. Built in 1973, stadium have a capacity of 750 seats, and it's situated near the Morača riverbank.

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