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A flag is a colored cloth with a specified meaning.

Flag(s) or The Flag(s) may also refer to:


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Flag is the common name of several genera or species of flowering plants:

  • Acorus calamus or sweet flag, found in many countries
  • Flag iris or just "flag", various species in North America
  • Libertia pulchella, or pretty grass-flag, a species native to New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia
  • Patersonia or native flag, an Australian plant genus resembling the genus Iris

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  • F.L.A.G. (Fabbrica Ligure Automobili Genova), an Italian automobile manufacturer c. 1906
  • FLAGS (Far North Liquids and Associated Gas System), a natural gas pipeline in the North Sea
  • Flag and pennant patterns, in technical analysis


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  • Flagstone or flag, a large flat stone used for paving, fencing, or roofing

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