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Fujitsu FM-8
TypePersonal Computer
Release dateMay 1981; 42 years ago (1981-05)
Introductory price¥218000 (Japan)
£895 (UK)
DiscontinuedNovember 1982; 41 years ago (1982-11)
Operating systemF-BASIC, UCSD Pascal, FLEX, CP/M (with Z80 card)
CPU68A09 clocked at 1.2MHz, 6809 co-processor clocked at 1MHz
Memory64KB RAM, 48KB VRAM, 44KB ROM
Display640 x 200 resolution, 8 colours
Input95 key Keyboard
Dimensions490 x 330 x 110 (H)mm
SuccessorFM-7, FM-11

The FM-8 (Fujitsu Micro 8) is a personal computer developed and manufactured by Fujitsu in May 1981.[1][2][3] It was Fujitsu's second microcomputer released to the public after the LKIT-8 kit computer, and the first in the "FM" series. The FM-8 was an early adopter of bubble memory technology. The FM-8 would later be replaced by two new models in November 1982 – the FM-11, aimed at businesses and the FM-7 aimed at the mass market.[4][5][6]


The computer is emulated by MESS.


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