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FM Stereo Johor Bahru or FMJB and JBFM was a regional radio station operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) exclusively for the Johor Bahru metropolitan area, and as a complement to Johor FM. The station came into being on 20 October 1988 by taking over the FM Stereo transmitter of the old Johor FM, then known as Radio Malaysia Johor Bahru. Similar to Johor FM, the station featured local news and entertainment for 18 hours a day. Unlike Johor FM though which has Johor statewide coverage, FMJB could only be heard in South Johor and Singapore transmitting on FM 107.5 MHz from Johor Bahru. In its final few years of broadcasting, the station was simply a repeater of Johor FM. It ceased broadcasts around March 2011. Radio24 (Malaysia) started using the same frequency from 27 December 2011 for test transmissions from Gunung Pulai, Johor. Official transmission started in January 2012.[1]

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