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FMetro logo.svg
Owner City of Foshan & Guangzhou
Locale Foshan
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 1
Number of stations 22
Daily ridership 268,000 (2015 peak) [1]
Began operation 3 November 2010
(28 October 2010 Public Trial)
Operator(s) Foshan Railway
Construction Group
System length 34.4 km (21.4 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification Overhead lines
System map

FMetro System Map.png

Foshan Metro
Traditional Chinese 佛山地鐵
Simplified Chinese 佛山地铁

Foshan Metro (Chinese: 佛山地铁; branded as FMetro) is the metro system of the city of Foshan in Guangdong Province of China. It is operated by the state-owned Foshan Railway Investment Construction Group and partly by Guangzhou Metro Corporation and is the tenth metro system to be built in mainland China. Construction began in 2002 and the first line opened on 3 November 2010. The metro system has two new lines and one extension under construction.[2]

Lines in operation[edit]

Line Terminals
Opened Newest
Stations Depots/
Stabling Sidings
 Guangfo  ( 1 ) Xincheng Dong
(Shunde, Foshan)
(Haizhu, Guangzhou)
2010 2016 34.4 22 Xianan
Total 34.4 22

Guangfo Line (Line 1)[edit]

Line 1, also known as the Guangfo Metro, is an intercity line that connects Guangzhou and Foshan. The line is operated by Guangdong Guangfo Inter-City Co., Ltd., a subsidiary co-owned by Guangzhou Metro (51%) and FMetro (49%).[3][4] The first section of the line, from Yangang to Kuiqi Lu in Foshan, opened for operation in November 2010. The extension from Yangang to Lijiao will open in 2016.

Lines under construction and future expansions[edit]

Line 2[edit]

The first phase of Line 2 are approved and scheduled to be completed by 2018. It will run from Nanzhuang to Guangzhou South.

Line 3[edit]

The first phase of Line 3 are approved and scheduled to be completed by 2018. It will run from Shishan to Ronggui.

Expansion plans[edit]

FMetro Plan Map en.svg
Years Line Terminals Length (km) Stations Status
2019 Line 1 Southern section Lanshi Luzhou 3 Under construction
Line 2 1st phase Nanzhuang Guangzhou South 32 16 Under construction
Line 3 1st phase Shishan Ronggui 70.2 30 Under construction
after 2020 Line 2 2nd phase Xi'an Nanzhuang 7 Planning
Line 4 1st phase Danzao Pingsheng 13
Line 5 1st phase Songgang Ge'an 14
Branch Lixi Jiaokou 6
Line 6 1st phase Jiujiang Huadi Dadaonan 22
2024 Line 4 2nd phase Pingsheng Dashi 6
Line 5 2nd phase Lishui Songgang 6
Line 6 2nd phase Huadi Dadaonan Nanpu 4
Line 7 Daliang Lianhuashan 6
Line 8 Desheng Dongdi 5
Line 9 Desheng Dongdi 4

Fares and tickets[edit]


There was a debate between Foshan and Guangzhou over fares of Guangfo metro. The debate has since been settled as Foshan accepted Guangzhou's fare proposal.[5] FMetro will give out 16,000 tickets for free once it begins to operate on November 2010.[6]

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