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Type of site
Streaming media
Available inEnglish
Area servedWorldwide (blocked in Denmark and Sweden)
AdvertisingYes; pop-up advertising
Launched2016; 6 years ago (2016)
Current statusOnline
Written inHTML, JavaScript and PHP

FMovies is a series of copyright infringement websites that host links and embedded videos, allowing users to stream or download movies for free.[1][2][3][4]


The site was created in 2016 according to TorrentFreak,[3] and blocked from Google searches in December 2016.

In November 2017, FMovies lost a lawsuit brought by Filipino media and entertainment group ABS-CBN, and was ordered to pay $210,000.[5][3][4][6][7]

In January 2018, the site was identified as a Notorious Market by the U.S. government, along with The Pirate Bay and other piracy sites.[8] In October 2018, Telia Company, a Swedish ISP, was ordered to block FMovies.[1] They appealed the order.[9] That same month, the Motion Picture Association of America reported FMovies along with other piracy sites to the U.S. government.[10] FMovies was blocked in Australia in December 2018, after a request in August.[11][12][13]

In February 2019, Sweden asked advertisers to blacklist some piracy and streaming sites, which included FMovies.[14][15][16][17][18] By April 2019, ISPs in India were ordered to block FMovies,[19][20][21] and the U.S. government identified the site as one of the top piracy sites.[22][23]

As of November 2019, there are two to four different FMovies websites running, but their locations are unknown.

See also[edit]

  • Putlocker, similar online movie streaming network
  • YIFY Torrents (or YTS), online movie file downloading network
  • Popcorn Time, a freeware program allowing users to watch movies through torrenting on several platforms
  • 123movies, similar online movie streaming network


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