FN Patrol Bolt Rifle

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FN Patrol Bolt Rifle
Type Sniper rifle
Place of origin Belgium
Production history
Manufacturer FN Herstal
Unit cost $969.58 approx[citation needed]
Weight 9 lb (4.08 kg) [1]
Length 38 in (97 cm) (18" barrel) [1]
Barrel length 18 in (46 cm)
20 in (51 cm)
22 in (56 cm)
24 in (61 cm) [1]

Cartridge 7.62×51mm NATO/.308 Winchester
Barrels 1:12" right-hand twist
Action Bolt action, controlled feed
Feed system 4-round removable magazine
Sights Stock with M1913 rail for optical scope mount

The FNH Patrol Bolt Rifle is a bolt-action tactical rifle produced by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal. It is chambered in the standard 7.62×51mm NATO (.308) cartridge.


The FN Herstal PBR (Patrol Bolt Rifle) is manufactured and distributed by FN Herstal USA, the United States division of the armament company. The design is based on the Winchester Model 70 and is available in 18", 20", 22" or 24" barrel lengths. Additionally, a 16" and 18" barrel is available with a recoil reducer. It features a specially designed FN/Hogue stock with a full-length aluminum bedding block, featuring a cold rotary forged medium heavy barrel with recessed crown and a four groove, right hand, 1 in 12 twist rate. It utilizes a removable magazine with four round capacity.

All models are chambered for 7.62×51mm NATO caliber.

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