FPT C635 DDCT transmission

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The C635 DDCT is six-speed, dry dual clutch automatic gearbox developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FTP).

The transmission is marketed variously under the trade names TCT - Twin Clutch Transmission (Alfa Romeo), Euro Twin Clutch Transmission (Fiat USA),[1] and Dual Dry Clutch Auto Transmission (Dodge).

Developed jointly by Fiat Powertrain Technologies(FTP), Magneti Marelli and BorgWarner, the transmission is manufactured by FPT at the Verrone (Italy) plant.[2] Magneti Marelli produces the control system which integrates BorgWarner's hydraulic actuation module into its own power and transmission control units. Able to receive torque inputs of up to 350 N·m (260 lb·ft), the transmission is the highest-torque dry clutch application[citation needed].

It weighs 81 kg (179 lb), including oil and transmission control unit.[citation needed]