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The C635 DDCT is six-speed, dual dry clutch automated gearbox developed jointly by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT), Magneti Marelli and BorgWarner, and is manufactured by FPT at the Verrone, Italy plant.[1] The transmission utilizes a control system produced by Magneti Marelli which integrates BorgWarner's hydraulic actuation module into its own power and transmission control units. It is marketed variously under the trade names TCT - Twin Clutch Transmission (Alfa Romeo), Euro Twin Clutch Transmission (Fiat USA),[2] and Dual Dry Clutch Auto Transmission (Dodge).

Able to receive torque inputs of up to 350 N⋅m (260 lbf⋅ft), the transmission is the highest-torque transverse dual dry clutch application.(2012)[3] It weighs 81 kg (179 lb), including oil and transmission control unit.[3]


C725 7 speed[edit]

The C725 is a 7-speed version developed for engines up to 250 N⋅m (180 lbf⋅ft) of maximum torque and intended only for front-wheel drive vehicles and transverse engines and is produced in China by the GAC Fiat joint-venture. Two models currently have this transmission, the Fiat Ottimo and the Fiat Viaggio, both produced and sold only in China.


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