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FROGS (Full Range Oxygen Gas System) is a make of rebreather for frogmen using oxygen, which has been used by the French Navy and the Commando Hubert since 15 October 2002. It is made by the diving gear manufacturers Aqualung.

Its working parts are in a dark-blue streamlined rounded shell. It can be worn on the front or on the back. It is rated as duration on a filling: oxygen 4 hours or more, soda-lime 7 hours at 21.1° C (70°F).

It is 48 cm = 19.2 inches high, 30 cm = 12 inches wide, 19 cm = 7.6 inches thick. It weighs 14.2kg = 31.3 pounds out of water

If the rebreathing loop fails, it can be switched into open-circuit mode bypassing the breathing bag, as bailout.

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