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DCB Shooting FR F1.jpg
TypeSniper rifle
Place of originFrance
Service history
Used bySee Users
WarsShaba II
Opération Tacaud[1]
Lebanese Civil War[2]
Gulf war[3]
Production history
ManufacturerMAS GIAT Industries
Mass5.2 kg[4]
Length1138 mm[4]
Barrel length552 mm[4]

Cartridge7.5×54mm French
7.62×51mm NATO
Muzzle velocity852 m/s[4]
Effective firing range800 m[4]
Feed system10-round detachable box magazine[4]
SightsTelescopic sight

The FR F1 is a precision rifle used by French sharpshooters. It was manufactured by MAS (an abbreviation of Manufacture d'armes de Saint-Étienne - one of several government-owned arms factories in France). It has been upgraded to FR F2 standard, which is still in service with all branches of French armed forces.


The FR F1 was designed around the 7.5×54mm MAS cartridge but versions in 7.62×51mm NATO also exist. It was equipped with a telescopic sight, French army standard issue being an Model 53 bis. Its practical range is 800 meters.[4] It is a very accurate sniper rifle, due to its quality, rear locking helical lugs that cam the bolt forward during closure to obtain optimal cartridge seating, free-floating barrel and efficient combined muzzle brake/stabilizer that dampens the barrel vibrations.

The FR F1 utilizes the same basic bolt design as the older MAS-36 infantry rifle.[4] The MAS-36 bolt action was however extensively modified and strengthened to reduce accuracy-inhibiting flex.[citation needed] The FR-F1 was fitted with a bipod with fully adjustable legs, mid-way along the length of the rifle.[4]

Three variants have been produced: the sniper rifle, the Tir sportif (target rifle) and the Grande chasse, for Big-game hunting, with APX 804 sight.[4]




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