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FSI International, Inc
Traded as NASDAQ: FSII
Industry Semiconductor Equipment & Testing
Founded 1973
Headquarters Chaska, Minnesota, United States
Products surface conditioning technology solutions, microlithography system
Website www.tel.com/about/index.htm

FSI International, Inc. (FSI) was set up in 1973 and is based in Chaska, Minnesota. The company engaged in the market of equipment widely used in the fabrication of microelectronics. 2012.10, Tokyo Electron Limited Completes Acquisition of FSI International, Inc.[1][2] In 1999, FSI International announced definitive agreement to acquire YieldUP International Corp.[3]


FSI International supplied surface conditioning technology solutions, using wet, cryogenic and other chemistry techniques to clean, strip or etch the surfaces of silicon wafers. The Company also engaged in microlithography systems for photoresist, light-sensitive, and etch-resistant films. The company provides upgrade, replacement and other support services. There are five main brands in the company: ZETA, MERCURY, ORION, ANTARES, and POLARIS. Some of the products of the company are spray cleaning systems, single wafer cleaning systems, cryogenic processing systems, and immersion cleaning systems.[4]


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