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FSP Group
Industry Computer
Founded 1993 [1]
Headquarters Taiwan [1]
Products Power supply units
Website www.fsp-group.com

FSP Group originally consisted of 3 companies, Fortron/Source Corp. (USA),[1] Sparkle Power Intl Ltd. (Taiwan)[1] and Powertek? (Taiwan).

However, around ten years ago, Sparkle Power International Ltd. and Powertek? (Taiwan) separated. Sparkle Power International Ltd. later changed its name to FSP Technology Inc. Over five years ago, FSP Technology Inc. (Taiwan) acquired Protek Power (Taiwan) that makes medical power supplies. Therefore FSP Group now consists of Fortron/Source Corp. (USA), FSP Technology Inc. (Taiwan, public listed company, stock code 3015) and Protek Power (Taiwan).

Right now FSP Group is the 10th largest power supply vendor in the World.[1] Their major power supply product lines include:

  • PC / Industrial Power Supplies
  • ODM or OEM Power Supply
  • Open Frame
  • LCD TV Power
  • Medical Power Supply
  • Adapters

FSP Group has global representation with branch offices in USA, Germany, France, UK, Russia, Japan, India, Korea and China.

FSP developed their own retail brand "FSP" in 2003, which mainly sells power supplies. Power supplies manufactured by FSP are also sold by Antec, Sparkle Power International (SPI) (USA), OCZ, SilverStone Technology, Thermaltake, Nexus and Zalman under their own names.[2]

Late 1990s FSP PC Power Supply

FSP also offer a wide range of retail Universal laptop adapters along with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and PowerBank rechargeable battery packs for charging mobile USB devices.

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