FS Baix Maestrat

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Benicarló FS.png
Full name Fútbol Sala Baix Maestrat
Nickname(s) --
Founded 1996
Dissolved February, 2012
Ground Pabellón Municipal,
Valencian Community,
Ground Capacity 2,000
2011–12 Primera División, withdrawn

Fútbol Sala Baix Maestrat was a futsal club based in Benicarló, city of the province of Castellón in the autonomous community of Valencian Community.

The club was founded in 1996 and its pavilion was Municipal de Benicarló with capacity of 2,000 seaters.

The club was sponsored ultimately by Ayuntamiento de Benicarló and Aeroport Castelló. [1]


The club was disbanded on February 2012, due to large amounts of embargoes sustained and the impossibility to raise funds.[1][2][3]


  • Proyastec1999–2000
  • Povet.com2000–2004
  • Ayuntamiento de Benicarló2004–2005
  • Grupo Poblet2005–2006
  • Onda Urbana2006–2007
  • Ayuntamiento de Benicarló2007–2008
  • Aeroport Castelló2008–2011

Season to season[edit]

Season Division Place Copa de España
1996/97 1ª Nacional A 7th
1997/98 1ª Nacional A 4th
1998/99 1ª Nacional A 2nd
1999/00 D. Plata 5th
2000/01 D. Plata 4th
2001/02 D. Plata 1st
2002/03 D. Plata 1st
2003/04 D. Plata 1st
Season Division Place Copa de España
2004/05 D. Honor 5th
2005/06 D. Honor 14th
2006/07 D. Honor 4th
2007/08 D. Honor 3rd
2008/09 D. Honor 5th
2009/10 D. Honor 14th
2010/11 D. Honor 7th
2011/12 1ª División W

Last squad 2011/12[edit]

No. Player Full name Pos. Nat.
1 Gus Gustavo Pérez Segura Goalkeeper Spain
15 Iván Iván Reverter Mercader Goalkeeper Spain
24 Aitor Aitor Ortega Pérez Goalkeeper Spain
4 Vadillo Antonio Vadillo Sánchez Cierre Spain
6 Hugo Hugo Sánchez Flores Ala Spain
7 Raúl Manjón Raúl Manjón López Ala Spain
8 Lolo Manuel Urbano Cañete Ala Spain
10 Javi Alonso Javier Alonso Giménez Ala Spain
14 Víctor Víctor López Real Ala Spain
19 Simón Simón Guerrero Cánovas Ala Spain
11 Gonzalo Gonzalo Galán Carsí Pivot Spain
12 Chino Aitor Donoso Cabañas Pivot Spain
16 Juan Carlos Juan Carlos Sánchez Colchón Pivot Spain
17 Álvaro Álvaro Macías Barrera Pivot Spain
18 Messias Manoel Messias Xavier de Paiva Pivot Brazil


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