FS Class ALe 803

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ALe 803
Automotrice ALe 803.jpg
ALe 803 in the originary livery
Stazione Gragnano.jpg
ALe 801/940 in the XMPR-livery
Manufacturer Savigliano, Stanga, Aerfer, Ocren
Constructed 1961–1963, 1972–1973
Number built 53 trainsets
Fleet numbers ALe 803.001–053
Le 803.101–161
Le 803.001–053
Capacity every car 80 seats
Operator Trenitalia
Train length 75,430 millimetres (2,970 in) (1. serie)
75,060 millimetres (2,955 in) (2. serie)
75,430 millimetres (2,970 in) (3. serie, 3 cars)
100,200 millimetres (3,940 in) (3. serie, 4 cars)
Width 2,900 millimetres (110 in)
Height 3,815 millimetres (150.2 in)
Wheel diameter 1,020 millimetres (40 in)
Maximum speed 130 kilometres per hour (81 mph)
Traction system electric
Electric system(s) 3 kV DC, overhead line
Current collection method Pantograph
UIC classification Bo′Bo′ (ALe 803)
2′2′ (Le 803)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

The ALe 803 are a serie of EMUs built in the 1960s for the Italian state railways FS, and now used by the railway company Trenitalia.


Each trainset is composed by 3 or 4 cars: a railcar (ALe 803), 1 or 2 wagons (Le 803.100), and a control car (Le 803.000).

The numbers are ALe 803.001–053 for the railcars, Le 803.101–161 for the wagons, and Le 803.001–053 for the control cars.


The ALe 803 were conceived at the end of the 1950s to resolve the increasing problems of commuting around the bigger cities of Italy.

They were projected together with the luxury railcars ALe 601, with a similar structure and shared components.

In 1959 the Ferrovie dello Stato ordered a first serie of 20 trainsets, and a second serie of 15 trainsets specifically conceived for the Naples metropolitan railway, with less seats and harsher interiors. Each set was made of three distinct cars - railcar, wagon and control car.

Those series were delivered from 1961 to 1963; the first serie was assigned in Rome, and from 1964 in Genoa for the urban railway service.

The FS were satisfied with those trains, so ten years later they decided to order a third serie of 18 trainsets, 10 made of 3 cars and 8 made of 4 cars (with two intermediate wagons). This serie was delivered in 1972–1973.

Since the end of the 1970s the ALe 803 were substituted by the newer EMUs of ALe 801/940 and ALe 724. In 2009 only 15 trainsets were still in use.

Derived units[edit]

The EN 300 railcars of SEPSA, built in 1977, were strictly derived from the ALe 803.[1]


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