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FS class E.321/E.322
Locomotive FS E.321+E.322 in doppia trazione.JPG
Type and origin
Power typeElectric
BuilderOfficine Grandi Riparazioni FS, TIBB
Build dateE.321: 1959-1963
E.322: 1961-1964
Total produced40 (E.322); 20 (E.322)
Gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Wheel diameter1,310 mm (51.57 in)
Length9.160 m (30 ft 58 in)
Width2.900 m (9 ft 6 18 in)
Height3.700 m (12 ft 1 58 in)
Loco weight36 t (35.4 long tons; 39.7 short tons)
Electric system/s3000 V DC Catenary
Current pickup(s)Catenary
Traction motorsDC
Performance figures
Maximum speed50 km/h (31 mph)
Power output210 kW (280 hp)

The Class E.321 was an Italian shunting locomotive built from 1959 to 1964. The similar Class E.322 used the same chassis and electric power plan but had no cabin, and was coupled with E.321 to give more output. Both classes were in service with the Ferrovie dello Stato from 1960 until 2002.

These locomotives were the base for the E.323 and E.324 classes, which used the same electric part but with a new mechanic one. The E.321/322s were phased out starting from the late 1980s, being replaced by the diesel shunters D.145, which could also be used for hauling light/medium weight freight trains.


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