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FTFF, originally a string of profanity ("Fuck the fucking fuckers"), has become far better known in Apple Macintosh circles as an abbreviation for "Fix the Fucking Finder" and used to represent users' discontent with the Macintosh Finder. It has become more prominent as an ideology since the public release of Mac OS X.


The modern term was coined by col_kurtz in a post to the Macintoshian Achaia forum at Ars Technica on February 10, 2003, symbolizing the dissatisfaction of some Macintosh users with the state of the Finder in Mac OS X. This sentiment was fomented by articles written by John Siracusa for Ars Technica, particularly his article dedicated to the failings of the Mac OS X Finder, About the Finder...

Motives behind FTFF[edit]

Many Mac users consider the Mac OS X Finder to be inferior to its Mac OS 9 counterpart, and one of the biggest flaws in the Mac OS X user experience. Proponents' main criticisms of the Macintosh Finder include:

  • The current Finder can be slow when dealing with network shares, including Apple's own iDisk.
  • The current Finder is apparently buggy, failing to correctly implement some basic features (e.g., accurately reflecting the total size of a folder as files are added to or removed from it.)
  • The current Finder is not a spatial file manager.
  • The current Finder can bog down the entire system if a network share vanishes while it is mounted.
  • The current Finder uses an unusually wide range of user interface looks, including various combinations of Brushed metal, Aqua, and custom Spotlight-related controls and window decorations.

Official support[edit]

Apple has been rumored to be working on a new, restructured Finder with a better user interface and more efficient performance. Thus far, "FTFF" proponents have been disappointed, although Apple patent filings suggest work is being done on the Finder, if only to include more Spotlight tools. Additionally, in a job posting, Apple referred to the Finder as "the notorious file browser for Mac OS X", which some read as admitting that the Finder did indeed have certain shortcomings.

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